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Everyday Sinners - Shakedown

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 2 / 10 / 2017

Everyday Sinners - Shakedown
Label: Collision Music
Format: CD


Riotous but thought-provoking protest album from alternative rock outfit the Everyday Sinners

This latest offering from Jack Cade’s project is a fine example of giving it straight to you, in that they set their stall out with the opener 'Same Old Ways', and hurtle through the next nine songs putting a smile squarely on your face. This a record that bristles with energy, highlighted through the musicianship and vocal delivery. Cade is like a cross between Johnny Cash and Andrew Eldritch, growling the darker elements of observation. But he doesn’t get it all his own way; Helen Muggeridge provides the melodic counterpoint, notably on Hold On, which adds some lightness to the erstwhile darker sonicality. It is also a record that confronts contemporary themes. Hatred and discrimination are addresses in 'Belly Full a Fire', while the kooky cover of Merle Travis’ 'Sixteen Tons' is a wry observation of the life of a worker. 'And You Were The Ammunition' looks at how media can be distorted to achieve a particular political agenda. "If I was the lie, you were the ones who made it true," Cade sings. How apt. 'Lovin Kind' is a direct appeal for empathy is these troubled times, to see the other side of the argument, to take a little time. 'The Sun and the Moon', with its call and response, is just a great example of no-nonsense fun. 'Shakedown' is a great introduction to the Everyday Sinners, and Cade’s distinctive voice in particular. It is a collection of thought-provoking well crafted songs, superb musicianship, and energy a plenty. But on further, deeper listening, it unveils itself as something of a protest record with astute social commentary, all wrapped up in some damn fine tunes. So it works on both levels, aiming for a shakedown that contemporary society, the world over, desperately needs. Guys, you have a new fan.

Track Listing:-
1 Same Old Ways
2 Belly Full a Fire
3 16 Tons
4 Hold On
5 Howlin' at the Moon
6 You Were the Ammunition
7 Lovin' Kind
8 Sun and the Moon
9 Makin' Up
10 Roll with Them Punches

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