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Poison Arrows - No Known Note

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 6 / 2017

Poison Arrows - No Known Note
Label: File Thirteen Records
Format: CD


Fine return to form from fierce veteran Chicago post rock trio the Poison Arrows on third LP, which is available on vinyl and download only

Singer and guitarist Justin Sinkovich, bassist Patrick Morris (ex Don Cabballero) with Adam Reach on drums - wouldn't it be fabulous if he'd change his name from Adam to Arm? - make up the Poison Arrows. Almost the archetype of a band from the Windy City, the Poison Arrows play in a lower gear than, say, Shellac but while they may be behind in frantic concept they provide a bumpless performance. The cunning 'That Windows Is Closed' shows that their music can be both complex and sophisticated, and merges lots of heft with a sonic dry breeze. The rebellious and bluesy 'Stuck On Screen' - about the digital world - closes off side 1 with vocals from Scott McCloud of Girls Against Boys. Side 2 continues with more great wordplay on 'Derailmentship' about relationships. Part two of the title track of this LP, which has the perfect album title, again sounds like a stream of consciousness poem. The LP closes off with a return to the Poison Arrows' seasoned post rock, and has wonderful little stumbling guitar licks upon which it is if for a flash of a second Sinkovich wanted to play a mariachi tune. 'No Known Note' perhaps could be compared to the many famous jazz club sessions recorded in Chicago as it is easy to spot a similar chemistry. Rehearsals were fruitful as some took only one take and it was mastered by the man behind hundreds of notable LPs, Bob Weston. Affordable in the US but hard to get elsewhere, 'No Known Note' LP begs for a European pressing.

Track Listing:-
1 Augmented Algorithm
2 No Known Note (Part II)
3 That Window Is Closed
4 Stuck on Screen
5 Derailmentship
6 Wedding
7 No Known Note (Part I)
8 The First the Last and the First Thing You Need

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