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Alun Parry - Freedom Rider

  by Lisa Torem

published: 27 / 5 / 2017

Alun Parry - Freedom Rider
Label: Parry Songs
Format: CD


Excellent fourth album from Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Alun Parry which combines strong hooks, powerful vocals and gripping stories

Alun Parry is a rising singer-songwriter from Liverpool. His fourth CD, ‘Freedom Rider’ shows the artist standing on a road, lugging his guitar case, and holding a sign, on which the message, “Freedom,” is inscribed in big, block letters. Cleverly, he’s already revealed a lot about himself before you even open the package. His voice is mellow and strong, reminiscent of the late American singer-songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot. The songs vary in tempo, strum and theme, yet are sincerely bound together by Parry’s enviable ability to convey truth and justice, within the confines of a three-minute or so track. First track, ‘Dig Boys Dig’ alludes to the life of a miner. The sweetness of the introductory fiddle; the way Parry gives a shovel fun of coal human properties; that’s what makes this song so visceral. The theme song, ‘Freedom Rider’ sounds like something Woody Guthrie or early Bob Dylan would have been proud of - Parry puts himself in the midst of the American Civil Rights Movement and we feel every ounce of his anger, fear and confusion. He also penned a song for a more local hero, John Hartwell. Here, too, his lyrics are fierce and persuasive. (We’ll be privy to another song of anthemic proportions when we hear the closer, ‘We Are Not Afraid’). ‘One Last Try’ is touching, as well, but not in a political sense. Parry’s voice is delicate and heartbreaking and his guitar blends expertly well with his yearnings. And there’s a wonderful lilt and honesty to ‘Jack Jones’ – “With his old flat hat from his dockside days/He’d lead us all in song.” This engrossing story is about a Union man who “believed in the wisdom of the folk on the factory floor.” Parry’s alliteration and innate sense of rhythm move the ballad along at a soul-satisfying and memorable clip. Parry’s ‘Freedom Rider’ definitely makes me want to hear more of his past works and, definitely, a lot more of his stories in the future.

Track Listing:-
1 Dig Boys Dig
2 Freedom Rider
3 Keep It Simple
4 Too Scared
5 On This Old Guitar
6 Climb
7 Song For John Hartwell
8 The Odd Couple
9 Take Your Children To The Hill
10 Jack Jones
11 One Last Try
12 We Are Not Afraid

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