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Mothership - High Strangeness

  by Paul Waller

published: 3 / 4 / 2017

Mothership - High Strangeness
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Format: CD


Mothership, who are the new leaders of the USA retro rock revival, deliver a perfect pastiche of what’s been before but that is surely the point

Once I got over the fact that these Texans were delivering a complete fat zero to the plate when concerning invention, innovation and a forward thinking fire with regards to their musical endeavours I found myself falling for the band’s somewhat backwards psych rock charms. Melodic hooks are the order of the day. Whether it be with the big choruses that are delivered on the likes of ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘Ride the Sun’ or the the chug-fuelled riffing in ‘Wise Man’, there is never a moment when the band takes their eyes off the ball in order to deliver those fist-punching anthems. My favourite moments here though are the vocal free parts in ‘Eternal Trip’ and the title track. Spacey and full of those certain weed-induced vibes, the trippier side to Mothership is something that I hope the band delve deeper into next time. So those looking for a unique voice in rock and roll should turn around at the door but those more inclined to stick with what they know can enter with ease, slide into a comfy chair, crack out those expensive headphones and get lost in the cosmic retro-rock wilderness

Track Listing:-
1 High Strangeness
2 Ride The Sun
3 Midnight Express
4 Crown Of Lies
5 Helter Skelter
6 Eternal Trip
7 Wise Man
8 Speed Dealer

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