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LIINES - Disappear/Be Here

  by Mary O'Meara

published: 26 / 11 / 2016

LIINES - Disappear/Be Here
Label: Reckless Yes Records
Format: 7"


Impressive double A-sided vinyl-only single from Manchester post-punk trio LIINES

It's not every day an impeccable circle of white vinyl lands in your lap....it's not every day a record sleeve's aesthetic is so sublime that all you can do is stare it - and no, it's not often that the record itself matches the already beautiful objet d'art you hold tenderly in your hands. This is it! - a searing, indomitable double a-side from Manchester's exciting post-punk trio LIINES. I can assure you that one listen will blow every cobweb out of your headspace and blast the debris, the autumnal leaves, all the stuff that clogs, cloys and clutters to kingdom come! Sparse but never empty, LIINES know how to employ the less is more ethic to perfection; both tracks lurk initially like tightly coiled beasts ready to pounce before exploding into glorious release. The two tracks speak to each other pleasingly, both concerned with presence and absence, both clinging and letting go at the same time. There's a sense of the circulation of something precious and elusive that could very well be being transmitted through the network of pylons populating the industrial waste-land the band face in the mesmerizing video accompanying 'Disappear'...electricity crackles through the wires, through every note. No note is wasted, no answer is obviously found but a very human plea and prayer is made and heard. Sometimes that's all we can do and music like this does it with a powerful eloquence that simply blows you away. Currently on tour across the UK, LIINES are plugged in, charged and ready. Catch if you can!

Track Listing:-
1 Disappear
2 Be Here

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