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Field Mouse - Episodic

  by Paul Waller

published: 6 / 9 / 2016

Field Mouse - Episodic
Label: Top Shelf Records
Format: CD


Hook-laden retro rock from New York-based indie rockers Field Mouse on the burning hot Topshelf Records label

On this Field Mouse’s second full length album it becomes clear very quickly that the dream pop tag they have picked up along their journey simply cannot hold them. There is a definite and full-on thrusting development into 90's underground US indie-rock plus, dare I say it, a post-grunge fuzzy flavour within the distortion and feedback on the guitars here. In fact if you had told me this was the new Veruca Salt or Juliana Hatfield album on first listen I may not have even raised an eyelid, as so drenched in the sunshine rock thing this platter is. Vocalist Rachel Browne has a rather lightweight style but it fits perfectly within its hook-laden rock template. In fact listening to these songs belted out at full range would be incredibly off putting as ‘Episodic’ feels so innocent and un-complex. There may be an understated style on display here but there is no denying that on tracks such as the pop-infused ‘Beacon’ that the tune is so catchy that you may well find yourself singing along to the “Are you the only one left now?” for the remainder of your day just like me, and that was on first listen no less. Finally it has to be noted that if ‘The Mirror’ had been released in 1993 it would have broken the US Top 10, for sure. Perhaps as this is not the case this record may well find itself in an unusual place, crying out to the new wave of guitar heads out there by delivering in essence a very dated yet perfectly executed slice of…deep breathe…alternative rock.

Track Listing:-
1 The Mirror
2 Half-Life
3 Accessory
4 The Order of Things
5 A Widow with a Terrible Secret
6 Beacon
7 Over and Out
8 Do You Believe Me Now?
9 Never Would Have Known
10 Out of Context

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