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Julie Ruin - Hit Reset

  by Paul Waller

published: 6 / 9 / 2016

Julie Ruin - Hit Reset
Label: Hardly Art
Format: CD


Three records in and more of the same from Riot Grrrl queen Kathleen Hanna’s most permanent project in years

‘Hit Reset’ isn’t the weak album it could have been given that the Julie Ruin's 2013 ‘Run Fast’ effort was such a slog to get through, but saying that it isn’t the rager that I was hoping for either. It sits somewhere in between. This thing is patchy as hell. 'Rather Not' sounds like a Go-Go’s flipside that they scrapped due to having a better live track to run with. And its lyrical refrain sounds childish and poorly thought out. Lead single ‘I’m Done’ sounds really musically outdated as well, but at least the melody is strong and it wouldn’t feel out of place on the debut Le Tigre LP for sure, but surely the Julie Ruin want more than that from ‘Hit Reset’. Surely? Well, they hit the good spot for at least half this album. ‘Be Nice’ is a snotty triumph, combining the art rock sensibilities of bands such as PiL while Kathleen delivers on it it her lines with the most intense sincerity I have heard from her since Bikini Kill days. It’s an utter stand out along with the almost spoken word disco attack of ‘Mr So and So’. The title track and album opener rips off Le Tigre pretty much wholesale but I love the way the melody swings giving the record a great start straight out of the blocks. Nothing much else to report here. Just a couple more smashes for the eventual best of compilation to be honest. But when it’s good – It’s really good.

Track Listing:-
1 Hit Reset
2 I Decide
3 Be Nice
4 Rather Not
5 Planet You
6 Let Me Go
7 Mr. So and So
8 Record Breaker
9 Hello Trust No One
10 I'm Done
11 Roses More Than Water
12 Time Is Up
13 Calverton

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