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Defy the Ocean - Elderflower

  by Keith How

published: 23 / 8 / 2016

Defy the Ocean - Elderflower
Label: Defy the Ocean
Format: CDS


Ambitious second EP from progressive rock duo Defy the Ocean

Defy the Ocean? What's the story? The band consist of two gentlemen Chris Theo and Marcos Economides who have been working on the Defy the Ocean project together since 2009. They have released an EP and a single before working on this new EP 'Elderflower'. What do they sound like? With a mixture of sounds and studio wizardry they mix progressive rock with metal riffs, textures and atmospheres crossing different genres at will. There are vocals,although they often seem a little lost in the cornucopia of atmospheres that are produced. At times 'Elderflower' feels a slightly contrived and over-complicated straying into Math-Rock territory and appears almost to clever for its own good. The concept is certainly a loud affair, almost flawless in production and technique and has a thoughtful touch as track blend into each other. Opening with 'Rest', the band are taking no prisoners as heavyweight guitars compete with thunderous percussion. Yes, it's prog rock not post pock. Have no doubt. The latter half of the RP is perhaps where the band’s future might lie. Leaving the more intense world created earlier behind, the fifth track 'Vessel' offers some excellent harmonies and a more spacious ambience compared to the previous cuts that are heavily layered and have a rather claustrophobic feel. 'Poisoned' follows with some rather lovely piano and also gives the music the chance to breath and is for me the stand-out track. 'Bones' concludes affairs with an intelligent use of dynamics, not so apparent on earlier tracks. Defy the Ocean claim to live primarily in the studio and this is reflected in the clinical feel running through the intense 32 minutes. 'Elderflower' is heavy, complicated and intriguing and will appeal to fans who like their guitars loud and their rock progressive.

Track Listing:-
1 Rest
2 Veil
3 Elderflower
4 Brine
5 Vessel
6 Poisoned
7 Bones

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