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Ed Scissor and Lamplighter - Tell Them It’s Winter

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 29 / 7 / 2016

Ed Scissor and Lamplighter - Tell Them It’s Winter
Label: High-Focus
Format: CD


Brit-rap stalwart Ed Scissor partners up again with producer Lamplighter for a spellbinding second album

Ed Scissor has been a key player in the Brit rap renaissance for a while now and has built up a strong following. He is also a renowned live performer as well as being an acclaimed wordsmith and expert storyteller. His musical direction and progression has led him into a fruitful relationship with Glasgow-based producer Lamplighter. Together they have developed into one of the key partnerships in the alt-rap scene, so much so that their debut album ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’ gained much critical acclaim back in 2012 which is remarkable in itself as the pair rarely find themselves in the same room. Four years on from that their fellowship grows more unrestrained both musically and lyrically with every song, and as a unit they grow wiser and more reflective than ever before. They cover a wide range of musical styles, drawing inspiration from love songs from the 60s, the squalid side of 90's R’n’B, psych-indie anthems, rave anthems and electronica. What is the most intriguing the most for me is their strong use of spoken word in all theses genres. I was quite excited when I discovered Kate Tempest, and, to be honest, hadn't done so in such a way for a while until I heard this chunk of magnificence. The sound is rich and yet sparse at times, and it is unreservedly moody and ominous telling it like it is through Ed's tormented eyes. This new album ’Tell Them It’s Winter’ deals with life and love and dwells on the notion that every human being is in pursuit of the same thing. It's the sort of thing that when you sit back you think that the last place you would want to be is inside Ed's mind, but at the same time you wouldn't mind having a hour to wander around and delve into it. He seems fuelled by an invigorating mix of fantasy and reality and to be constantly wandering around in a mysterious mist. ‘Tell Them It’s Winter’ is addictive to say the least. Tracks like the title song, 'The Dust Don't Lay' and 'Light Round Here' stand out in an album that stands out. I played this once in my house as I do anything new, and then loaded it into the CD player in the van I travel in every day and it is still there. I'm loving it. But as is the way with everything these days, word has it that it could be the final instalment of the pair's sonic entertainment. Whilst that would be a sad travesty, this will fly into my Top Ten at the end of the year. It comes in a loud card CD case with artwork by Hetty Douglas. Absolutely marvellous!

Track Listing:-
1 Grandzeen
2 Ttiw
3 Week
4 The Dust Don't Lay
5 Any Infrastructure
6 Hyperballad
7 Light Round Here
9 Detours
10 Many Made One

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