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Henry Padovani - I Love Today

  by Lisa Torem

published: 3 / 7 / 2016

Henry Padovani - I Love Today
Label: Repertoire Records
Format: CD


Corsican singer/songwriter/guitarist Henry Padovani's debut album 'I Love Today' required a forty-year wait, but it was worth every moment

Henry Padovani is a Corsican singer-songwriter noted for his unique voice, expertise on guitar and one-off originals. He is sought after on entertainment panels, has written film scores and worked alongside the likes of Jeff Beck, Cher, the Clash, Bono and the Police. He was also an integral part of the UK’s punk scene in 1976. Despite all these impressive belt notches, it took him forty years to release ‘I Love Today’, but the work reflects his life experience splendidly and couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Title song, ‘I Love Today’, shows off Padovani’s relaxed, natural approach to performance. Next up, ‘Give Me Love’ too genuinely celebrates his crusty and hauntingly sensitive style, in which each phrase is gloriously honoured. Amy Gibb makes her first appearance on the album here, too, with her bright, swooning clarinet. ‘Lean Love’ is a Marc Bolan cover. The arrangement features the Pretty Things' bassist George Woosey on slide and Lorenzo Moufflier on blues harp. George Harrison’s ‘Long Long Long’ may be short and sweet at 2:46, yet the ballad’s undulating essence is conveyed with perfect clarity. Nick Cave fans will adore this version of the underrated ‘Into My Arms’. “I concentrate on the words and I pick as little as I can,” Padovani explains. His organic approach bodes extremely well; with vocals way upfront, the romantic theme explodes. Padovani’s original ‘Skeleton Blues’ was inspired by a Disney cartoon. Producer Mark St. John sharply adds bone-chilling rhythm; Amy Gibb’s clarinet finishes it off with a smooth veneer. Padovani’s baritone is expectedly eerie in both French and English. The American classic ‘Nature Boy’ has been sung by Nat King Cole, Marvin Gaye and many others, but just not like this: swampy, blues licks drift along every cadence. ‘Brother, Sister, Preacher’ was inspired by American singer Paul Robson, a legendary spiritual vocalist. Moufflier returns to add his special genius, as does St. John with the snappiest of snares. Although the song rightfully tributes the previously mentioned era, it is surprisingly and delightfully spiked with Americana. ‘Rien De Rien’ may bring to mind Edith Piaf, but this scratchy-voiced cover renders Paris as just another pit stop. The open G tuning shifts it away from its anthemic prototype and replaces it with a lusty, rootsy, steamy confessional. ‘Play With Fire’ was made famous, of course, by the Stones, but Padovani intrepidly conveys his own purposeful vision. This superb arrangement features Native American drums, electric guitar and engrossing vocals. John Lennon’s touching ‘Jealous Guy’ wasn’t designed to be a duet, but it sure as hell works. With soprano Sacha Morgan, who will release her debut this year, Padovani extracts all the urgency this song requires. Morgan’s delicate vibrancy offsets Padovani’s hail storm sensuality. Henry and Sacha “felt the song had to be sung by a girl and a guy so that we could share the good and the bad together.” Although Padovani wrote ‘Le Temps’ in “about five minutes,” it yields definite staying power. The clever chorus and swanky 60's vibe also differentiates it from the others. The closer, ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ is a killer. Padovani actually recalls hearing composer Jacques Brel singing it in a tavern. He remembers it as “pure poetry.” This version is heartbreakingly effective and, mercifully, sung passionately in French. The stunning acoustic guitar arrangement includes a few classically-inspired solo passages that are to die for.

Track Listing:-
1 I Love Today
2 Give Me Love
3 Lean Love
4 Long,Long,Long
5 Into My Arms
6 Skeleton Blues
7 Nature Boy
8 Brother,Sister,Preacher
9 Rien De Rien
10 Play With Fire
11 Jealous Guy
12 Le Temps
13 Ne Me Quitte Pas

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