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Raging Speedhorn/Monster Magnet - Split

  by Lisa Torem

published: 10 / 4 / 2016

Raging Speedhorn/Monster Magnet - Split
Label: H42 Records
Format: 7"


Thunderous vinyl only split single, limited to just 300 copies and released to coincide with this year's Desertfest Festival, from hard rockers Raging Speedhorn and Monster Magnet

Get ready for a thunderous union, a blistering rage fueled by bitchin’ bass and battling electric guitars. It’s a split, but more specifically, a surreal, schizoid split between two dynamic bands that leave the curtsies in the green room. Together New Jersey’s Monster Magnet and Raging Speedhorn undergo a blistering sonic breakdown. Their resultant 7“ recording is set to be released on April 29th, the first day of British Desertfest by H42 Records. The disc draws on both bands’ strengths. When Monster Magnet front man Dave Wyndorf growls on their tune 'Hallucination Bomb’ , “Welcome to the great adventure”, the flames of Hell flare wickedly. The players echo the image-filled narrative without looking back. This dark, harrowing ride doesn’t skimp on suspenseful turns or over-the-edge lyrics. Raging Speedhorn guitarist, Jim Palmer, sums up the delight he feels in having been part of the process with his band's song 'halfway to Hell': “Having been a fan of Monster Magnet forever, it’s a real pleasure to be part of this split record! We also feel tremendously honoured that Desertfest chose us, as we are big fans of the festival. It doesn’t get much better than this!” Raging Speedhorn is back in the studio and in the process of recording their fifth release for the summer of 2016. Meanwhile Monster Magnet continues to develop and reimagine their best work on the road and in the studio. Do the maths. Sometimes bold and unapologetic make the perfect algorhythm.

Track Listing:-
1 Raging Speedhorn – Halfway to Hell
2 Monster Magnet – Hallucination Bomb

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