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Banquet - Jupiter Rose

  by Paul Waller

published: 7 / 3 / 2016

Banquet - Jupiter Rose
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Format: CD


Mixed bag of killer jams and guitar work from pyschedelic-influenced USA quintet, Banquet

Last year Heavy Psych Sounds released a great many albums. The majority of which were not just solid efforts but actually great full lengths built to withstand trends and blow away the majority of rock music out there. California’s Banquet do not simply deliver more of the same. They are a far more complex beast that need at least a few listens to begin to get your head around. There are elements of Kyuss/Clutch stoner rock-isms all over the shop but the soul of this record lies with UK space rockers Hawkwind, albeit with the band's own guitar virtuoso take on the genre. ‘Jupiter Rose’ is a tripped out excursion into the cosmos in places. When it slows the pace and freaks itself out, the psychedelic touches blossom into monstrous jams that better most that have attempted similar soundscapes in the last few years. It’s actually rather sublime. Unfortunately when the band stick to a more structured route as displayed on tracks such as ’Run to You’ the dynamics which make those lengthy jams so special are watered down, which means the songs lack that special hazy vibe that they can deliver so well. Saying this, I could listen to slow burner ‘Burning Bridges’ all day long and not tire of it. A confused effort maybe but one with bags full of potential.

Track Listing:-
1 Mastermind
2 Sword of Damocles
3 Run To You
4 Set Me Free
5 Burning Bridges
6 Touching The Grave
7 Jupiter Rose

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