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Inglorious - Inglorious

  by Paul Waller

published: 21 / 2 / 2016

Inglorious - Inglorious
Label: Frontiers Music
Format: CD


Fresh British rock quintet Inglorious fails to impress as they take on too many genres on their debut album

These guys call themselves a classic rock band and have had the likes of Brian May quote them to be “the future of British rock,” and I have got to give them some props here. This self-titled debut definitely ticks many boxes that it would need to tick if their A+R and management team are going to push them through the underground national rock press and maybe break through with some mainstream exposure. And whilst it sounds like I am already giving the band a double handed compliment, there is a lot of good stuff on this album. Definitely the self-titled track is on point which, although mid-tempo, somehow contains enough power to rile the rock troops and contains all the ingredients that a band such as Helloween possesses. It’s catchy and well written, containing hooks large enough to pull in thousands. It, however, keeps an understated middle eight in there to show off that they are aware of classic rock music’s 70's roots but they don’t want to revel in it. Other songs follow suit in much the same way and it’s great when they pummel head on with the 70's rock vibes of Deep Purple and Sir Lord Baltimore like they do on ‘Holy Water’. The more the 80's feel, however, that they push on tracks such as opener ‘Until I Die’, then the far less successful it is, sounding bloated and a little too reminiscent of the cock rocking glam pack to do them any favours. The most horrid of song choices though comes with the acoustic ballad ‘Wake’. It may well be perfectly executed by vocalist Nathan James, but it sounds utterly contrived to these ears. It smells like bandwagon jumping, but the bandwagon is thirty years late in arriving. It wouldn’t matter though if the song carried a decent tune or even a hummable melody, but it’s a non-starter. By the time it ended I was left wondering why they bothered at all. As a listener wanting to give it a chance, I can’t bear to listen to it again. ‘Inglorious’ is truly a mixed bag but the standouts here are I imagine what the band would probably think as of the filler tracks. The band simply play 70's etched rock far better than anything else that they have put on tape here. It’s a shame as this has some real potential.

Track Listing:-
1 Until I Die
2 Breakaway
3 High Flying Gypsy
4 Holy Water
5 Warning
6 Bleed for You
7 Girl Got a Gun
8 You're Mine
9 Inglorious
10 Wake
11 Unaware

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