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Møster! - When You Cut into the Present

  by Paul Waller

published: 11 / 1 / 2016

Møster! - When You Cut into the Present
Label: Hubro
Format: CD


Fantastic third album from Norway’s Møster, who by combining jazz, art and space rock, are exploring new and uncharted abrasive rock territory

Taking the album’s title from the William Burroughs quote “When you cut into the present the future leaks out” you instantly realise this isn’t going to be a bonehead rock album. Saxophonist Kjetil Møster has seemingly carved a niche out for himself, which, to these ears at least, sounds like an updated and original take on the eclectic and wonderful Iceburn Collective that sprouted from America’s hardcore scene in the late 90s. In fact the only time this album feels wholly comfortable is during the track ‘Journey’. Its slower pace lulls you into a chilled mode, akin to listening to a late 70s sci-fi soundtrack, maybe one of the deep cuts that didn’t make the movie but the collectors go mad for on the vinyl repress… Elsewhere though, the frantic opener ‘Nebula and Red Giant’ feels Earth shattering due to the sheer power of the playing. Each instrument seems to be attacked rather than played at points and it’s truly captivating. And so it goes on. As a whole, while this isn’t an easy listen by any means, it never comes across as pretentious. As a punter I am not used to this kind of thing and yet I never felt overwhelmed. ‘When You Cut…’ is an intriguing listen and, unlike the Iceburn Collective, Møster works well on tape and not just in the live arena. Researching the band I found out that Kjetil has a vast slab of recorded material in his past both with Møster and as a solo artist, it’s something I look forward to exploring

Track Listing:-
1 Nebula and Red Giant
2 Bandha
3 The Future Leaks Out
4 Journey
5 Soundhouse Rumble

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