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Gold Class - It's You

  by Paul Waller

published: 23 / 12 / 2015

Gold Class - It's You
Label: Felte Records
Format: CD


Baffling but oddly compelling offering from Australian band Gold Class who find an untapped niche on their debut LP

This one is a real Marmite album. Whether you hate or love this will all ride on vocalist Adam Purdey’s bizarre monotone pitching with his vocal style. I can’t decide to be honest. It is growing on me but I bulked at first. Pitched somewhere between a depressed Morrissey and Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands on downers, this unique vocal style is not something that can be ignored; it literally defines the record. Slower moments like ‘Half Moon Rising’ could really sink any chance the record has of connecting with the public. The plodding instrumentation is far too drab to make Purdy’s downbeat drawl juxtapose with the song itself. Yet, ‘Life as a Gun’ on the other hand is utterly enthralling as is the repetitive riffing on ‘The Soft Delay’. There are some killer tunes on here but we already have an Interpol and at times they are so close in sound it’s uncanny. Perhaps watching them live and up close it all might make a bit more sense. As it stands ‘It’s You’ really is a mixed bag yet I still find myself wanting another listen and that can only be a good thing.

Track Listing:-
1 Furlong
2 Life as a Gun
3 Bite Down
4 Perverts
5 Half Moon Over
6 The Soft Delay
7 Pro Crank
8 Michael
9 Athena
10 Shingles (Stay a While)

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