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My Home On Trees - How I Reached Home

  by Paul Waller

published: 25 / 11 / 2015

My Home On Trees - How I Reached Home
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Format: CD


Frustrating second album from Italian band My Home on Trees who have the the capabilities of becoming something great if only they could avoid their divulgence in artistic folly

Two albums in now and My Home On Trees appear to be on a roll. Even though higher profile acts such as Blues Pills and England’s very own Black Moth maybe play in a similar style, this lot have something a little edgier about them. It feels off the wall and unhinged in places and I like that punk spirit. Yes, this could be seen as another collection of stoner rock tunes cobbled together by yet another stoner rock band but that train of thought would mean not granting these Italians their due. ‘How I Reached Home’ is brimming with ideas. Some like the immense riffing on ‘Arrow’ and the incredible fuzzed out tone on ‘I Forgot Everything’ hit the target in fresh and exciting ways, but the group are just as likely to backfire on this album. They bring a guest vocalist in for their opening track 'Winter' in the shape of the Midnight Ghost Train’s Steve Moss when the band's own vocalist Laura Mancini has a better voice anyway or, even worse lif,t a whole monologue straight from the original broadcast of 'War Of The Worlds’ as an interlude, whih seems like a wasted couple of minutes in my eyes. It is because of these faults that I can’t fall in love with My Home On Trees, but the fresh ideas and boundless spirit means I am not ready to give up on this lot yet.

Track Listing:-
1 Winter (feat. Steve Moss, The Midnight Ghost Train)
2 I Forgot Everything
3 Don't Panic
4 War of the Worlds
5 Arrow
6 Resume
7 My Home on Trees

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