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Tina Refsnes - No One Knows That You’re Lost

  by Keith How

published: 9 / 11 / 2015

Tina Refsnes - No One Knows That You’re Lost
Label: Vestkyst Records
Format: CD


Fabulous debut album from Norwegian singer-songwriter and musician, Tina Refsnes

From the opening bars of 'I Don’t Know' Tina Refsnes' debut album oozes confidence. It is a warm, comforting album to listen to and has a familiar feel pervading the whole recording. Tina Refsnes comes from Oslo, Norway's capital, but grew up in the small coastal town of Floro. When listening to this selection of her songwriting, it is obvious that, despite four years living in Liverpool, 'No One Knows That You're Lost' is steeped in a spaciousness that is often a trademark of Scandinavian music. Her time living in Liverpool was spent writing songs and playing music before a return to Oslo led to a realisation of how she wanted her music to sound. Teaming up with producer Robbie Lackritz (Rilo Kiley, Fiest) in Toronto in Canada, she recorded the album with Don Kerr (drums, cello), Mike O’Brien (bass, vocals piano) and Eirik Stordrange (guitars). The album is a classy affair, lyrically thought-provoking and sometimes humorous and graceful. 'Upside Down Clouds' has rightly provoked 6 Music airplay with rolling bass and simple piano. Tina’s vocals are fragile but strong. 'The Heart Wants Its Way' is tender and beautiful, perfectly capturing those private moments when you are alone with your thoughts. The driving force behind this record is the quality of the recording and the musical arrangements. A restrained and graceful ambience holds the whole project together, beautifully providing the perfect canvas for storytelling. Nothing appears rushed. Carefully thought out chord sequences and economical instrumentation makes this album a really attractive piece of work. 'Alaska' has all the hallmarks of a classic with a haunting chorus and a lyrical longing for peace and quiet. It is a stunning song. When Tina sings, “I’ve heard it’s so quiet there not even the wind will talk to you,” you want to be there. Earlier I alluded that 'No One Knows That You’re Lost' had a familiar feel to it. There are echoes of Joni Mitchell ringing throughout it which should please many listeners. 'Told' is an example of the kind of phrasing that is Joni’s hallmark, and again Tina’s delivery is consistently confident. I am not sure I can give this album a higher recommendation. Thought-provoking, tender yet powerful, this is a really excellent record. Relax, turn down the lights and bathe in the tranquil beauty of 'No One Knows You’re Lost'. I don’t think you will regret it.

Track Listing:-
1 I don't know
2 leave this heart
3 upside down clouds
4 the heart wants its way
5 put it away
6 alaska
7 spoilt rotten blues
8 told
9 city city
10 a million things
11 song about trust

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