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Randy Meisner - Live in Dallas 1982/Love Me or Leave Me Alone

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 4 / 5 / 2015

Randy Meisner - Live in Dallas 1982/Love Me or Leave Me Alone
Label: Floating World Records
Format: CD X2


Flawed double CD reissue from former Eagles member Randy Meisner, which combines together a 1982 live recording with a collection of previously unreleased live recordings

Randy Meisner left the legendary Eagles at the height of that band’s fame and success. An original member of the Eagles, with the band through their early country rock history, Meisner left in 1977 after the band begun touring in support of 'Hotel California'- the Eagles’ shift to a more hard edged rock and roll sound. Meisner was the band’s bassist, occasional guitarist and a contributing vocalist with a distinctive high tenor. Included here, in a two disc set of solo Randy Meisner with some Eagles nuggets, is 'Live in Dallas 1982' which begins with 'Lonesome Cowgirl'. This song is pure country from the get go, featuring Meisner singing about a cowgirl in a Stetson hat: “I can rope/I can ride… Even fall in love with you.” The song 'Jealousy' follows. As is the case with Meisner’s solo career, this is not all first rate songwriting fare, but Meisner remains a pleasing artist with an appealing country rock voice nevertheless. Even the less appealing numbers still seem to radiate a certain warmth. 'Try and Love Again', a Meisner written by the Eagles original for the 'Hotel California' album is a brilliant song with a solid, soul stirring version here that includes some stinging lead guitar. 'I Need You Bad' is a grateful love song. 'Hearts On Fire' is a pure rocker and among the more distinctive solo Meisner songs captured here, but still not equal to his work with the Eagles: “I’ve been aching from desire… running like a raging river and hearts on fire.” 'Take It to the Limit', Meisner’s signature Eagles tune has two alternative live mixes included here, with fine tenor singing and some rich falsetto strains: “So put me on a highway and show me a sign and take it to the limit one more time.” 'Love Me or Leave Me Alone', the second disc here is an album of Meisner songs recorded from the late 1970s through the 1980s and early 1990s. 'Long Time Blue' chimes brightly from the opening notes. 'Don’t Keep It Inside' is a love song that begins with lyrics about a girl from Malibu on the beach underneath the stars - melodic with a hook. 'My How Things Have Changed' is bright and pleasant with a positive lyric: “If I had the chance to do it all again, I don’t think I would change a single thing.” 'All Alone In Paradise' is a lecture to a muse that’s never satisfied: “You’ve always had your eyes on some distant star.” …Then 'Take It to the Limit' plays again- included for the third time here- hitting home what a great talent Meisner is. It is just that the bulk of his solo songwriting doesn’t rise to this level. This collection is thus in the end of more interest for the diehard fan.

Track Listing:-
1 Lonesome Cowgirl
2 Jealousy
3 Strangers
4 Gotta Get Away
5 Try and Love Again
6 Tonight
7 I Need You Bad
8 Hearts on Fire
9 Darkness of the Heart
10 Take It to the Limit
11 Take It to the Limit
12 Long Time Blue
13 In a Minute
14 Don't Keep It Inside
15 Love Me or Leave Me Alone
16 Midnight Rain
17 My How Things Have Changed
18 Walk of Life
19 Trust Your Heart
20 Leaving on Tuesday
21 Salt in My Tears
22 All Alone in Paradise
23 Ain't Gonna Take It
24 Lonely Alone
25 Take It Easy
26 One Less Fool
27 Take It to the Limit
28 When the Dam Breaks
29 When the Rubber Meets the Road
30 My How Things Have Changed
31 Never Had a Broken Heart
32 Honey

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