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Klaus Johann Grobe - Klaus Johann Grobe

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 4 / 2015

Klaus Johann Grobe - Klaus Johann Grobe
Label: The Sound of Salvation Records
Format: 12"


First-rate reissue of Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe's debut EP, which merges Moog synthesizer pop, upbeat psychedelia and krautrock

Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe see their debut EP re-pressed in The UK - Grobe means "(the) rude" by the way in Swiss. The duo have since had their debut LP released in the US in 2014. We may be witnessing here Switzerland's next Yello, another band of fame and importance. Further contributions to the World of Popular Music from Switzerland until today range between the original Birdy Dance, Dada and 1924's Cabaret Voltaire. Take your pick. There are bits from all of those in a sense on KJG's EP. You can stream their great debut 7 inch 'Traumhaft' from Soundcloud. While sounding like both a Hammond or a Farfisa organ-driven band, Klaus Johann Grobe avoid pastiche by combining this with Neue Welle, easy tunes and indie sensitivity. At the same though they avoid the predictability of indie rock. Coming to full bloom, Klaus Johann Grobe's danceable EP has many clever turns and touches. The duo, however, defy any rank and file. The self-titled EP merges Moog synthesizer pop, upbeat psychedelia and krautrock. Perhaps it may be because of Switzerland's proximity to Italy and France, but the Swiss duo put the finger on so many styles without for a single moment failing at one. Beautiful melodies like 'Rote Sonne' turn the language barrier into a senseless hurdle. Flirting with Paris-styled snap, crackle 'n bop pop music, steady Autobahn rhythms and joyous Italian vocality, Klaus Johann Grobe serve a grand dish of hipster garage disco punk pop. Slick tunes and memorable twists make for happy music nostalgia here.

Track Listing:-
1 Koordinaten
2 Aber du
3 Gemeinsam
4 Raus
5 Rote Sonne
6 Dreimal

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