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Parastatic - Recall Fade Return

  by Erick Mertz

published: 14 / 3 / 2015

Parastatic - Recall Fade Return
Label: 104 Reds
Format: CD


Dreamy third album from Krautrock-influenced Newcastle-based three-piece, Parastatic

While listening to Parastatic's latest album ‘Recall Fade Return’, I happened to be driving down the highway past an enormous flag that was billowing in a gentle breeze. The accidental synergy between those two stimuli were astounding. I wanted to desperately to orbit that flag over and over again, drifting along the astral safari that the Krautrock inspired tunes effervesce. There is a celestial orientation all over the ten tracks on ‘Recall Fade Return’ a mostly instrumental surrealist meld of uptempo keyboards and soaring guitar lines. The Newcastle (whose site copy uses the adjective "dank" a word which could not be any less apt) band crafts what feels like a soundtrack filled songs for the first interstellar road trip film. A few times Parastatic brings a dreamlike vocal into their songs (the track ‘I Am One’ in particular comes to mind) but the additional element always seems to slow the song down. A stunning track suddenly feels weighted down and I would describe Rachel Casey's voice as lush and gorgeous like a cumulus cloud. I am a staunch "lyrics guy". and I felt at every turn like Parastaticshould ditch the vocal microphones and stick with what works. If you're on the road this spring - if you happen to find yourself caught in a particularly gentle breeze this summer, catch the moment. Turn on ‘Recall Fade Return’ and cue up something like ‘Sorby Sunrise’ before circling around your axis - whatever it is - a second time.

Track Listing:-
1 Recall (Intro)
2 Arches
3 Saint Mary
4 T.R.E.M.
5 Fade (Interlude)
6 Sorby Sunrise
7 I Am the One
8 Old Street
9 Oscillations
10 Return (Outro)

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