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David Bronson - Questions

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 18 / 1 / 2015

David Bronson - Questions
Label: Big Arc Records
Format: CD


Oddly life-affirming third record from melancholic New York-based singer-songwriter David Bronson, which combines elements of soul and funk with country

David Bronson is a songwriter, performer, composer, and producer who is based in New York City. Critics have described his first two records as being anything but light-hearted, and ‘Questions’, his third full length offering, finds him just as emotionally uncertain now that he has stumbled head first into his thirties. Bronson doesn’t shirk on his lyrical responsibilities though on ‘Questions’, which has been said to “play like a soul-drenched paean to the uncertainties of burgeoning adulthood.” Bronson’s direction has shifted though slightly since his 22-song autobiographical double album debut, ‘The Long Lost Story’, which found the tormented Bronson reflecting on post adolescence, love and identity. ‘Questions’ feels not only slightly more grown up, but more life-affirming as well. That’s not the only change though. The shift has come not just in a maturity but also in a style too. For me there has been a tilt, and it’s only a slight tilt, towards country. The first track ‘Songbird’ and also ‘Day by Day’ are a testament to that. In fact there's a definite tinge of Glen Campbell in here. Considering the first offering was “a deceptively fluid amalgam of soul, gospel, folk, and dance-funk,” this is quite a change. Some of the other tracks are more soul-orientated. ‘Task’ has a heavier, funkier sound while ‘Song of Life’ is a slower affair and one that leans toward classic soul. Bronson, himself has established a growing fan base from touring in both in the U.S. and abroad and has also released a gargantuan catalogue of critically acclaimed music videos, and has been seen as one of the best new artists in music. This is a fine third record from Bronson.

Track Listing:-
1 Songbird
2 Move Like Water
3 Day By Day
4 Push
5 Task
6 Song of Life
7 All These Things
8 Life Is Long
9 My Good Friend
10 Connect the Dots
11 Passing Fiction

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