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Dave Davies - Rippin' Up Time

  by Lisa Torem

published: 18 / 11 / 2014

Dave Davies - Rippin' Up Time
Label: Red River Entertainment
Format: CD


Innovative and experimental latest solo album from Kinks co-founder and lead guitarist, Dave Davies

Dave Davies, the co-founder and lead guitarist of the Kinks, has proved himself time and time again to be innovative, productive and prolific in his solo career. And although he is a multi-instrumentalist, some of his most interesting work involves collaboration. With his son, Russ Davies, an established producer, songwriter and composer, he collaborated on 'Purusha and the Spiritual Planet' (1998), 'Decategorized Sound (2008) and 'Two Worlds' (Aschere Project) in 2011. Together they fused rock, classical and electronica in a reflective, spiritual way. Last year, Davies released 'It Will Be Me', a mélange of bittersweet ballads, hazy landscapes and juicy riffs. Davies rekindled his youth with songs like ‘Little Green Amp’; a blistering tribute to ‘You Really Got Me’, and on 'Rippin’ Up Time', he churns out even more examples of biting nostalgia. The title song’s poetic lyrics refuse to just ride sidecar to Dave’s red-hot fretwork, which is particularly potent against his restless/aggressive vocals. In a surprising spoken word section, he posits “cold reality.” Dave’s intriguing new performance approach and dream state assails our senses — only intrepid listeners need apply. ‘Semblance of Sanity’ has a vibrant electronic build up and a thrashing bass line reminiscent of T-Rex. By the outro, this pastiche goes wonderfully haywire. “Hear him sing every night,” because he’s the ‘King of Karaoke.’ This ballad is a charming character sketch; a cross between Argentine tango and 50’s rock ‘n’ roll’. Davies name checks our favorite back-in-the-day heroes. ‘Front Room’ serves up footnotes of fond family memories. “All those years ago in our own front room,” he weighs out loud, perhaps referring to a recent jam with big brother Ray. There they reworship through “tears and laughter,” the influential Eddie Cochran and Lonnie Donnegan. Then Dave simply slays us with riff-drenched 'Johnny Adams’ and then advances anonymity with the tongue-in-cheek ‘Nosy Neighbors’ — they peer at him “through a hole in the fence.” No wonder he sounds a bit paranoid! He’s his own man with his own mind in ‘Mindwash’, but that doesn’t mean he wants to play Solitaire. “Come closer, baby,” he sings, coaxing an imaginary lover into his man lair. Then it’s on to the textured imagery - “I see a vision from a dark and ancient time” - of ‘Between the Towers’. “Be ever watchful in the world of dreams,” Dave implores. ‘In the Old Days’ when “men were men,” the CD reasserts the Kinks’ impermeable legacy with a super-charged backbeat. (It’s always great to have a fabulous rhythm section in one’s pocket.) The jangly but primal ‘Through My Window’ strokes the souls of lost loves but asks that they all rejuvenate. Embellished by light, undulating chords, it’s a unifying, cerebral closer. 'Rippin’ Up Time' is a recording that not only brings out the best in electronica master Russ Davies and shredder songwriter Dave Davies; it’s a hip trip through poppy fields of blues, psychedelia and rock.

Track Listing:-
1 Ripping Up Time
2 Semblance of Sanity
3 King of Karaoke
4 Front Room
5 Johnny Adams
6 Nosey Neighbours
7 Mindwash
8 Between the Towers
9 In the Old Days
10 Through My Window

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