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I Am Giant - Science and Survival

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 18 / 11 / 2014

I Am Giant - Science and Survival
Label: Sony Music
Format: CD


Abrasive but enthralling second album from bestselling New Zealand-formed hardcore act, I Am Giant

I have said over and over again that New Zealand has been producing some really good music lately, and I Am Giant, who are now London based, are no exception. We reviewed their last album, 'The Horrifying Truth', and spoke to them in early 2013, just after they had finished their long and painful search for a lead singer, and I said at the time that they were destined for better things. 'The Horrifying Truth' was a tremendous success in 2011, certifying Gold in New Zealand and peaking at Number 2 on the New Zealand Album Charts. Since then they've been busy touring in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia, whilst subsequently producing albums for other rock bands as well as their own. They first formed in late 2008, and consist of New Zealanders, Shelton Woolright and Paul Matthews, and British member, Ed Martin. Drummer Woolright is formerly from critically acclaimed triple platinum selling band Blindspott, while bassist Matthews has had success with double platinum selling band Stylus. Ed Martin was the singer in UK band Volume, and has also worked as a vocalist with the likes of the Artful Dodger, Bruno Ellingham and Mark Hill. A new addition to the line-up is guitarist Michael Triponel, who gives them yet another dimension. 'Science and Survival', their sophomore album, is produced by Australia’s production genius Forrester Savell, along with Matthews and Woolright. Itis a much heavier beast from the last record and combines classic alt-rock with exploring both hardcore and more laidback sounds. It also provides a lot of the unexpected such as a murmuring French woman, who appears during the introduction of the first track 'Guéthary' along with the distant chiming of the church bells. Like many albums around at this time, it takes a journey into the darkside. 'Dragging the Slow Dance Out' is a real chiller, and is a break from the heavier sounds of much of the rest of this offering. During our interview last I Am Giant told me of their search for the right singer, and this album really showcases Martin's expert capability. But the musicianship doesnt stop with him. 'Razor Wire Reality' explodes with some wonderful Matthews' guitar riffs, while 'Death of You' and 'Out of Date Hallucination' incorporate fantastic harmonies. 'Science and Survival' focuses on the human condition and our inner thoughts and desires. While it is a heavier, rockier record than its predecessor, it delves deeper and is both confrontational and haunting. The CD houses four bonus tracks at the end and has a great inner booklet which highlights Woolright's other talents as a photographer. He divulged to me that the record company had given him a new EOS to take randoms, and he has been doing quite well with it, it seems. It also has a long list of credits, dedications and endorsements on the back inner sleeve. Fantastic!

Track Listing:-
1 Guéthary
2 Echo from the Gallows
3 Razor Wire Reality
4 Death of You
5 Ça Vous Dérange
6 Transmission
7 Out of Date Hallucination
8 Silhouette
9 Dragging the Slow Dance Out
10 Miss Seattle
11 Minefield
12 Standing on the Sun (And I Like
13 ought With Ignorance. Sold With

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Interview (2013)
Dave Goodwin talks to Shelton Woolright and Paul Matthews from New Zealand/British rock trio I Am Giant about their search for a lead singer which involved 160 auditions before they found front man Ed Martin and their recently released debut album, 'The Horrifying Truth'

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The Horrifying Truth (2013)
Stirring debut album from bestselling New Zealand-formed rock three-piece, I Am Giant

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