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Transmaniacon - The Darkening Plain

  by Paul Waller

published: 14 / 11 / 2014

Transmaniacon - The Darkening Plain
Label: New Heavy Sounds
Format: CD


Confusing but potentially brilliant new album from stoner rock/prog outfit, Transmaniacon

Musically ‘The Darkening Plain’ is something else. Highs peak at the toppermost of musical mountains and stay there for the majority of this monumental debut. There may be a couple of awkward transitions in the opening 24 minute long ‘Quintessence of Dust’ that grate on repeated listens but for fans of sonic stoner and classic rock that can sometimes veers into prog Transmaniacon may appear to be the band for you. Yet there is a fundamental flaw within the band in the shape of the vocals. They are far too high in the mix and oddly sound like the band simply found a bloke-down-the-chip shop to sing to keep the listener present and invested in the musical depth the band seem more than capable of displaying. It’s a real marmite thing they have going on and sadly it spoiled what could have been one of the better releases to come out this year from the UK. Not for me this, not for me at all… …Being fair I gave this release a week of space and gave it another try and, you know what, it’s grown on me a bit. The hooks on ‘An Eye for an Eye’ really work and they wouldn’t come together at all if it wasn’t for those vocals. It feels a little like modern day Deep Purple with a cheeky chappy playing homage to Voivod on the microphone. I’m utterly confused...

Track Listing:-
1 Quintessence of Dust
2 City of Chaos
3 An Eye for an Eye
4 Chasing the Insane

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