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  by Adrian Huggins

published: 14 / 7 / 2014

Label: Razor and True
Format: CD


Unnerving but captivating debut album from INVSN, the new project of Dennis Lyxzen who was previously in the Refused and the (International) Noise Conspiracy.

INVSN is the brainchild of Dennis Lyxzen of the legendary Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy. He has has played a great part in creating some of the most innovative alternative/heavier music over the last 20 years, and as such INVSN caught my interest straight away. As I hoped I wasn’t left disappointed. This is, however, a step away from his previous efforts, and the result is a much more mature and refined sound. Where once lay pure anger and fury, there is now an overall feeling of frustration and despair. It's oddly catchy, so much so that in many parts you could very easily miss the underlying threat at play. Whereas previously Lyxzen relied on screaming, there are choruses on 'INSVN' and unnerving yet beautiful and patiently structured songs that have a completely different appeal to its creator's previous work. Yet they still harbour the genius that lies within. It’s not quite ‘pop’ music, but it’s certainly not the sound of punk, fully embracing a more electronic sound with plenty of sound effects, tastefully-used synth and electric drums all at use. There is still plenty of guitar and there is a wonderfully simple driving bass throughout the entire album which gives it a raw feel which sets off the clean and crisp sound. ‘The Promise’ is essentially grown-up pop music. Think a more guitar orientated Neon Neon. Desperation shines through on ‘God Has Left Us Stranded’ and has a really contemporary 80’s style feel to it. If you need a great comparison I’d say: imagine We Are Scientists singing covers of Joy Division songs. It combines bleak imagery and machine-like drumming with the most gorgeous-sounding male vocals. ‘Our Blood’ and ‘Inheritance’ are the best examples of this. ‘Hate’ wraps up the album superbly, a slow burning and gently epic tune with an unforgettable chorus that proclaims “Hats off for hatred.” It’s so elegantly put, and sums the themes and feel of the album up so perfectly. This is an impossibly catchy album in the best possible way, but isn’t overly instant and is certainly not by any stretch of the imagination ‘throw away’. This could be a classic album, and I would imagine it’ll appear on many ‘abums of the year 2014’ lists.

Track Listing:-
1 #61
2 Down in the Shadows
3 Down in the Shadows
4 God Has Left Us Stranded
5 Vasterbotten
6 Our Blood
7 Inheritance
8 It's All Coming Back
9 Distorted Heartbeat
10 Hate
11 South of Heaven
12 A Different Life

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