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Astronauts - Hollow Ponds

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 12 / 7 / 2014

Astronauts - Hollow Ponds
Label: Lo Recordings
Format: CD


Melancholic yet diverse and imaginative debut album from Astronauts, the side project of Dark Captain's Dan Carney

Astronauts are the brainchild of Dan Carney, from critically acclaimed alt-folk band Dark Captain. The album 'Hollow Ponds' was initially conceived last year while Carney was unfortunately laid up in a hospital bed with a fractured leg, and is named after the section in Epping Forest that he would fantasise about walking around whilst almost comatose on the prescribed drugs he was on. Like much of Dark Captain's work, Astronauts' music is often melancholic. The opener 'Skydive' has an uncanny likeness to the ou tput of the National. 'Everything's a System' is a bit faster than the opening track with a Massive Attack-sounding feel to it, and for me there is a definite swing to the Beloved's moodier moments. Other more upper tempo gems lie in the latter part of the album,and 'In My Direction' is no exception there. There is a wide range of influences in here like the Snow Patrol start to 'Vampires', while there are more quieter moments too in 'Flame Exchange' which again has a likeness to the Beloved's more quieter times. The title track itself glides in with some dark synth and piano, and progresses well with some guitar and violin splashed around for good measure. The psyched-out 'Try to Put It Out of Your Mind' includes the hollow tones of what sounds like a radiator and the rhythmic dongs reminiscent of New Order's 'Everything's Gone Green'. Heavier times are afoot too with 'Openside' which lays out its full guitar troubles to sample, and the whole album is finished with polished 'Slow Days' which includes vocals from Jess Bryant and brings the whole pleasing offering to a sad but likeable close. All in all a very eclectic and enjoyable album worthy of not just one or two but many many listenings, and one that should stay in the most played section for a long while. Splendid!

Track Listing:-
1 Skydive
2 Everything's a System, Everything's a
3 Vampires
4 Flame Exchange
5 Spanish Archer
6 Hollow Ponds
7 In My Direction
8 Try to Put It Out of Your Mind
9 Openside
10 Slow Days

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