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Chrissie Hynde - Stockholm

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 1 / 7 / 2014

Chrissie Hynde - Stockholm
Label: Caroline International
Format: CD


First-rate debut solo album recorded in Sweden from Pretenders front-woman Chrissie Hynde

'Stockholm' is the first album to be released under Pretenders front-woman Chrissie Hynde's own name, making it her debut solo album if we don't include her joint album with JP Jones and the Fairground Boys from four years ago. Now 62, and still looking great as she always has, she remains a great voice in my musical landscape. I first saw the Pretenders live in 1980, after meeting first of all on several occasions both guitarist James Honeyman-Scott and drummer Martin Chambers out on the town. The first time I saw them live at the Hammersmith Palais they jammed with Sex Pistol Steve Jones and the Small Faces' Ronnie Lane. The Pretenders remain a favourite band, especially in their first line-up which produced just two albums, 'Pretenders' (1980) and 'Pretenders II'(1981). Sadly Pete Farndon was kicked out of the band for drug problems and then two days later Honeyman-Scott was also dead from an overdose. Since then, the band have changed line-ups many times, often keeping Chambers as the only other original members than Chrissie but even he was gone for ten years, leaving after 1984's 'Learning to Crawl' in 1984 and not returning to 1994 and 'Last of the Independents'. In theory, 'Stockholm' could then be a Pretenders album. It was recorded in that Swedish city with a new band, but the band didn't want a band name, so that's why it's a solo album. Even at 62, Miss Hynde still remains very sexy and her voice still shines through. The only real difference here is she is playing about with that golden vocal of hers. 'You or No One' opens the album, featuring a production that seduces like Scott Walker while Hynde's vocal shines brightly. It doesn't sound like her other band at all. 'Dark Sunglasses' made its presence felt to us via Record Store Day as a 7 inch picture disc. Again this holds up well and has an odd rhythm to it, a bit like a jazzed-up 'Let's Go to Bed' by The Cure. 'Like in the Movies' has hit single written all over it. It is a commercial pop FM radio-friendly anthem and massively catchy. Chrissie holds 'Down the Wrong Way Tight' tight, while special guest Neil Young plays some of his best ever guitar. 'You're the One' is influenced by the 1960s as is all of Hynde's better work. It rocks in a lovely way that makes you believe in the human spirit over everything else. 'A Plan Too Far' has a Lee Hazlewood drive, and is both country-influenced and cinematic in sound. 'In a Miracle' is a graceful and beautiful ballad, while 'House of Cards' is a million miles away from the Pretenders and is both dark and mystical 'Tourniquet (Cynthia Ann)' has an element of Leonard Cohen, while 'Sweet Nuthin' is a raw garage number. 'Adding the Blue' closes the album and is dramatic, heartfelt and, like the lady herself, absolutely magical. A brilliant album.

Track Listing:-
1 You Or No One
2 Dark Sunglasses
3 Like In the Movies
4 Down the Wrong Way
5 You're the One
6 A Plan Too Far
7 In a Miracle
8 House of Cards
9 Tourniquet (Cynthia Ann)
10 Sweet Nuthin'
11 Adding the Blue

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