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Deison and Mingle - Everything Collapse[d]

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 13 / 6 / 2014

Deison and Mingle - Everything Collapse[d]
Label: Code 7
Format: CD


Evocative post-industrial electronica on debut album from Italian duo, Deison and Mingle

From the North-Italian duo of Cristiano Deison, electronics and processing, and Andrea Gasteldello, piano and electronics, comes the fourth instalment in the REV Lab series, which is commissioned by graphic designer Mantel from Alkmaar, Holland, whose label releases the vinyl editions for the Aagoo label. eison and Gasteldello’s collaboration began online but the end result, 'Everything Collapsed', is far from a technical malfunction. Post-industrial soundscapes, in which percussion that sounds like steelworks, meets minimalistic piano play and electronica. The atmospheric mystery of their music has an elegant melodic touch to it, like the river Po meandering through foggy fields. If moisture could be a sound, this album offers it in generous streams. The captivating compositions drift on minimal rhythm patterns. 'Nessun Desiderio' is the evocative culmination of all of this. 'Everything Collapse(d)' then gracefully changes to introversion and rounds off with a cover of Swans’ Failure’.

Track Listing:-
1 Optokinetic Reflex (Glassy Eyes)
2 Everything Collapses
3 Nessun Desiderio (Decimaction
4 Out of the Blue (Rain)
5 Settled Apathy (Hospital)
6 One Million Parsec from Your S
7 An Estranged Perspective (Time
8 Static Inertia

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