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Bly de Blyant - Hindsight Bias

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 6 / 3 / 2014

Bly de Blyant - Hindsight Bias
Label: Hubro
Format: CD


Extraordinary second album from genre-defying experimental trio, Bly de Blyant

'Hindsight Bias' is the follow-up to Bly De Blyant's previous album 'ABC' and also a great trip in to the mind of the collective members’ musical abilities and imaginations. Comprising of Norwegian drummer Oyvind Skarbo, Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson and Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily, Bly De Blyant created 'Hindsight Bias' in Bergen, Norway, and the album contains tracks that were previously written, some based around loose ideas and some completely improvised in the studio. This free-form, psych-jazz, prog-rock 3 piece have created a collection of songs that are fluid throughout, although I didn't feel that as an album everything obviously fitted together, but then how could it? Packed full of references from here and there, it is impossible to pigeon hole where this lot stand, but that is both the joy and the advantage of this sort of music. The album seems to comfortably cover the spectrum from the easily digestible 'Laura' which combines together elements of French dance, funk with mellow organs and some Nile Rodgers style guitar, to the far reaches of experimentalism with 'DEFGHIJK' which sounds like someone picking up morse code from outer space, as someone else practices drums and a church organ. 'Hindsight Bias' has a leaning towards David Gilmour's guitar work, and 'The Eighteen Irascibles' has a completely different vibe again with its folksy demeanour. I felt like at any moment Billy Connolly was going to interject with some commentary and divulge some anecdotes of his from the 80's. 'Michael Jackson Pollack' apart from obviously having the best name, was my standout track, harking again back to that 'funkyness', but this time setting to a hip-hop beat and some fantastic, weaving guitar work. Some of the best moments on the album come from the space given for ideas to develop and come into fruition. Bly De Blyant have, however, managed to reign things in and not go over the top with self-indulgence, so there are no 20 minute 'freak-outs' that are of primary interest to the person freaking out rather than anybody that may care to listen. They have achieved extraordinary balance.

Track Listing:-
1 Jiddu
2 Westkreuz
3 Laura
4 Hindsight Bias
5 Michael Jackson Pollock
6 Defghijkl
7 Bunker Hill
8 The Eighteen Irascibles

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