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April Maze - The April Maze

  by Lisa Torem

published: 27 / 2 / 2014

April Maze - The April Maze
Label: April Maze
Format: CD


Unique 60’s-influenced harmonic pop on UK debut album from Australian cello/banjo duo and husband-and-wife team, the April Maze

On their self-titled UK debut, the April Maze, Australian husband and wife team, Silvan Agam, on vocals and cello and Todd Mayhew, on vocals, guitar and banjo, share a dozen touching arrangements. ‘Will I Ever’ is a slow, simmering call and response with airtight harmonies. Their voices are unarguably well matched and complimentary.“My memories get colder/There’s nothing left but to pray…” they preach with promise. ‘Oh, Yesterday’ allows Agam’s vocals and cello parts to merge magically. Mayhew’s effects make this brassy blues overflow with just the right amount of attitude from the main and backing vocals. ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Bring You Down’ also bursts with vitality and spurts of aggressive strums. ‘Tumbleweed’ – “Like a hungry sailor lost as sea…” When the guitar and vocals synch, the result is amazing, but the story line is also seductive. The payoff is when they sing, “Freedom is finally, finally here.” ‘I’ve Seen the Rain’ yields a sad and compelling melody and more of their signature sublime harmonies. In ‘Winter’, Todd demonstrates a fierce commitment to his sibling. 'The Protest Song’ is blissfully poignant. “Stand up for our rights and challenge all the wrongs,” they sing. It’s not your typical rendering given the title which makes it all the more effective. ‘Salt Water’ is beset by a lovely acoustic guitar progression, which unearths Agam’s tears. The cello has contagious drone. You’ll treasure this one to the last homesick sentiment. On ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face,’ the first of two Beatles covers, the April Maze display a fascinating twist on an unforgettable classic. The creeping cello makes it fugue-like and magical. ‘And We Danced’ – “I met my bebop baby on a ‘Hard Days Night’” – the duo make no pretense about their idols on this album – “She was hanging on to Johnny/She was holding on tight.” On the rhythmic ‘Strawberry Swing’ they pull a great deal from a rudimentary riff. The surprising harmonic shift is guaranteed to make you grin. ‘Two of Us’ finds them retaining the innocence of the original Beatles tune yet this cover is forceful and unique. If you want to revel in the 60s with a duo that understand what all the fuss was about, The April Maze is your go-to band.

Track Listing:-
1 Will I Ever
2 Oh Yesterday (Wisdom Teeth)
3 The Protest Song
4 Tumbleweed
5 Where Do They Go
6 Deep in Your Heart
7 Crystal Ball
8 Salt Water
9 The Night Sailor
10 Aliens
11 Dirty Water
12 I Love This Life

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