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Angele David-Guillou - Kourouma

  by Lisa Torem

published: 19 / 11 / 2013

Angele David-Guillou - Kourouma
Label: Village Green
Format: CD


Memorable debut album from French-born but London-based vocalist/ pianist/ composer and Piano Magic member, Angele David-Gillou

French vocalist/pianist/composer Angele David-Gillou, who lives in London, achieved first fame with several widely acclaimed pop recordings and work on Piano Magic. Her solo debut ‘Kouroma’ combines a host of talents: extensive classical piano training, wispy vocals and arrangement skills, which stretch the boundaries of our imaginations. She mainly uses the grand piano but also the electric on three songs and embellishes her compositions with lush strings, sensitive rhythms and a musical saw. Throughout, her twelve arrangements are memorable touchstones. Some, like 'Anti Atlas,' are about five minutes, and many more are around two. This one, like a Renaissance painting, crisply balances dark and light textures and moods. Those moods are simply and delicately executed and deeply felt. The undulating theme is enhanced in every verse. 'Hesperides' moves more fluidly, like a colt finally free to run in a grassy field, echoing legato and pizzicato. The brazen movements are short, but substantial. 'But Now I Am Joyful' is halting and almost desperate in its tearful patterns. Angele sings, "It's all we have to do/It's all we have to say/Don't give up on us." The title song, 'Kouroma' is almost child-like. "Hear, hear the rain/You'll never be alone, my friend.' Angele sings in tandem with the simple, acoustic melody. She even speaks to us softly in parts and rejoices in song through the rest. 'Kuril' features stabs of violin and a marching melody with a very classical feel. The muted 'And the Grass was Singing' is more tender and ethereal, 'Accalmie' could be a cousin of Satie's ‘Gymnopedie’, and 'L'Enfer C'est Les Autres' strongly resembles a Chopin ballade. In contrast, 'Dream of Leonor Fini' is a litany of eerie modulations, and 'Contrescarpe II', which begins with a series of rubato phrases, evokes a feeling of being faraway. 'Our Garden' is a sing song fairy tale, and 'Ubari Sand Sea' is the most cinematic. The multi-accomplished Angele also plays clarinet and marimba, but her heartfelt melodies receive even more of a solid grounding with Ruth Elder's viola and violin expertise. 'Kouroma' will definitely win over enthusiasts of pure, classical piano, but will also entice those who relish compositions which go far beyond the pretty surface. Angele David-Gillou explores a multitude of feelings and textures, but makes it all seem as simple as the wave of a magical wand.

Track Listing:-
1 Anti Atlas
2 Hesperides
3 But Now I Am Joyful
4 And The Grass Was Singing
5 Our Garden
6 Ubari Sand See
7 Kourouma
8 Kuril
9 Dream of Leonor Fini
10 Accalmie
11 L'Enfer C'est Les Autres
12 Contrescarpe II

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