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Hector Bizerk - Nobody Seen Nothing

  by Tony Gaughan

published: 15 / 10 / 2013

Hector Bizerk - Nobody Seen Nothing
Label: EmuBands
Format: CD


Fiery hip-hop on polished second album from Scottish rap outfit, Hector Bizerk

This is the second release from the Scottish hip-hop duo who are now expanded to a four piece by the addition of Fraser Sneddon on bass and Jennifer Muir on synths and backing vocals. The result ‘Nobody Seen Nothing’ is an incredibly polished and impressive follow-up to their debut, ‘Drums’. Louie and his co-founder drummer Audrey Tait deliver a complex slab of brilliance. Anyone who chooses to dismiss Scottish hip hop and rap based solely on an accent is crazy as a first listen to this will prove. Louie a street poet and at the fore-front of this growing movement is writing about the here and now. Why should an accent change anything? ‘Orchestrate’ opens proceedings immediately name checking his hometown of Glasgow with subtle keyboard stabs and a driving bass, but the song is solely focused on the lyric and rhythmic perfection which the duo appear to have achieved throughout this release. ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ paints a bleak picture of urban living, and the struggles of many are encapsulated in Louie's observations of life. ‘Party at A&E’ is an incredible journey to an accident and emergency unit on its busiest night, and carnage ensues as Louie vents his spleen and Tait impeccably follows his every move again with rhythmic perfection. ‘Seldom a Word We Don't Say’ takes you on a trip through the eyes of an alcoholic or someone on the way to being one. There are many, many highs on this album including a verbal doing for the English Defence League and Nick Griffin in ‘My Little Bigot’. ‘In an Assortment of Idiots (Shut your Mouth)’ the rapper misses no one! ‘Nobody Seen Nothing’ has much to offer. Check out as well ‘Police St8’, ‘Columbus’ and even the closer ‘Adopt a Persona & You Are a Cockroach is strong’. Hector Bizerk appear to be now at the top of their game and at the forefront of Scottish rap and hip- hop.

Track Listing:-
1 Orchestrate
2 Fingerprints On the Drumkit
3 Welcome to Nowhere
4 Party At a&E
5 Waste Britain
6 Seldom a Word We Don't Say Too O
7 An Assortment of Idiots (Shut You
8 Milky Way
9 Columbus
10 Police St8
11 My Little Bigots
12 Espagne In the Works
13 Adopt a Persona

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