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De Staat - I_Con

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 10 / 2013

De Staat - I_Con
Label: Cool Green Records
Format: CD


Appalling Britpop-influenced third album from Nijmegen-based alternative rock outfit, De Staat

Idiotic and clueless, Nijmegen's De Staat, like so many others of similar ilk, try tediously hard to disguise their non-English origin from the Anglo-Saxon music market. From an ancient Roman city comes this mish-mash of forceful smashing pumpking Brit pop. Likely to become big in Budapest, and better best ignored in London, De Staat rush through polka punk tunes in an inimitable clumsy sequence. Striding forward as if they were Franz Ferdinand, De Staat have picked up a few chords, and knitted them together in a wrong pattern completely. ‘I_Con’ finds the band trying very, very hard, but merely succeeding in cringing toes. It may unwantonly push UKIP to greater heights. De Staat's idiosyncrasyserves little good. Their admittingly very well-produced indie-grub won't, however, last a second.

Track Listing:-
1 My Bad
2 All is Dull
3 Build That, Buy That
4 Devil's Blood
5 Witch Doctor
6 Get It Together
7 Refugee
8 Make Way For The Passenger
9 Input Source Select
10 I'll Take You
11 Down Town
12 Wonderer
13 The Inevitable End

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