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Acid Washed - House of Melancholy

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 16 / 8 / 2013

Acid Washed - House of Melancholy
Label: Record Makers
Format: CD


Intriguing and well-constructed debut album from Parisian electronic dance duo, Acid Washed

Yet more wonderfully constructed electronic dance music from France. Surely not, but, yes, it’s true. There’s still more. What on earth are they feeding them over there? Well, whatever they’re doing, it’s damn well working. With Daft Punk recently splitting opinions with ’Get Lucky,’ their chart-bothering slab of retro disco-tinted music, there has been clearly something of a shift toward the past in the dance world. Blending house music, electronica and a bit of 70’s Italo Pop (I’m informed), Parisian duo Andrew Claristidge and Richard D’Alpert, who when they combine their powers become Acid Washed, have come up with an intriguing-sounding album. ‘House of Melancholy’ is dancey enough to give you a lift, but there is also enough electro complexity about the songs to make it a compelling listen rather than just being the beat-filled background noise to a pissed up Saturday night. The fantastic ‘Fire ‘n’ Rain’ is a stand-out track with its darkened pop feel.‘ Golems Dance’ could have been made anytime between 1992 and now. And, while that’s something quite marvellous, its piano-driven tune and mind-bending chord changes also make it well worth indulging in. It veers from what could have been a 90’s classic into something that resembles the output of New Order. ‘Celestial Choirs of Babes’ keep the Depeche Mode fans amongst us very happy and entertained as well. ‘For Your Eyes Only’ has a seedy edge to it that surely would involve yuppies, ponytails and big shoulder pads were it to come to life. For those who are currently enjoying the latest output from Neon Neon, Acid Washed are certainly a good avenue to explore.

Track Listing:-
1 Heartbeat Maker
2 Fire N' Rain
3 Golem's Dance
4 Prince Acid
5 For Your Eyes Only
6 Gasoline
7 Hello Universe
8 Celestial Choirs Of Barbès
9 Nautilus
10 House Of Melancholy

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