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Big Audio Dynamite II - Class of '92: Live in London

  by Tony Gaughan

published: 12 / 6 / 2013

Big Audio Dynamite II - Class of '92: Live in London
Label: Floating World Records
Format: CD


Impressive live album, recorded at the Town and Country Club in their native London in 1992, from Big Audio Dynamite, who were now in their second line-up

On this live record, which was recorded as at the Town and Country Club in London, the band are listed as Big Audio Dynamite II ,which means the entire first line-up were missing apart from Mick Jones. It does, however, open with the classic track 'Medicine Show' complete with its samples, power and attitude - a great start to any record. The second track 'I Don't Know' reeks of filler, and in fact you would swear that it was written five minutes before the gig or even that Mick may have been 'winging' this one as he went along. It strange as the band by this stage had six albums worth of material to choose from, and appeared to ignore 'No. 10 Upping St', their bestselling second album, entirely. This is, however, the only low on this release, which also features 'The Other 99', which is dedicated to Jones' exclusive West London club/posse and arguably their best known song, 'E=MC2'. 'Rush', which is probably the best of the bunch from the line up that was BAD II and quite a hard to find track, is also included. 'The Bottom Line' is another great song, and the album seems to end prematurely with the classic '1999' by Prince. Definitely worth a listen even to if it is only eight tracks long!

Track Listing:-
1 Medicine Show (Live)
2 I Don't Know (Live)
3 Other 99 (Live)
4 E=MC2 (Live)
5 The Globe (Live)
6 Rush (Live)
7 The Bottom Line (Live)
8 1999 (Live)

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