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Klak Tik - The Servants

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 30 / 4 / 2013

Klak Tik - The Servants
Label: Safety First Records
Format: CD


Anthemic, but incoherent and ultimately self-indulgent debut album from London-based eight-piece group, Klak Tik

The sepia-coloured sleeve put you in the mood for a splash. Ultimately, Klak Tik achieve that feeling, though with their rather unremarkable 1960’s-influenced pop, vaguely reminiscent of Arcade Fire and U2 in their anthemic frenzy and incoherent jingle-jangle would-be melodies. Self-indulgence crops up as soon as the second track, ‘Kierkegaard’, a waltz with no end, upon which a bundle of sound effects occasionally falls neatly into place. Given that today's recording technology is easily done, Klak Tik show themselves to be bereft of any original idea. The melodies are flat, to say the very least, and only the obligatory and ubiquitous uu-ooh Blur sing-along choruses can carry the tunes further on. Nearly each song on this album proves to be a false start, pre-occupied with sound and orchestration, as depth and melody become stray childs. The archetypal BBC Radio2 and Radio6 Playlist entry!

Track Listing:-
1 St. Barnaby's Lurch
2 Kierkegaard
3 Reborn
4 Fire Souls
5 Quenched Man
6 Curved Mirror
7 Nympheous
8 Cool Hand Luke
9 Lohengrin
10 Landing Party

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