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Hadouken! - Every Weekend

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 11 / 4 / 2013

Hadouken! - Every Weekend
Label: Surface Noise
Format: CD


Energetic and genre-crossing third album from London-formed former rave band, Hadouken

Back in the heady days of 2006 Hadouken! were one of the main bands riding aboard the crest of the newly invented ‘Nu-rave’ which died a very quick death after two series of ‘Skins’ and about the time everyone realised there is no money anymore and life can be a total pain in the crotch – you must remember “the credit crunch”? Well it’s a long time since then and I’ve not heard about many ‘Nu-rave’ bands for years now. Maybe that’s just because I too have become older ad grumpier though. The truth be told, however, I was bang into the idea of ‘Nu-rave’ and many of the bands that were coming out at the time. Not many have stuck around, but Hadouken! have never really gone away. In Listening to ‘Every Weekend’ it is obvious that they have developed but also by volume alone it is also clear that they’ve not lost any of their enthusiasm or energy – which is what made them an interesting prospect, and no doubt what helped them survive the trend cull. All this aside, ‘Every Weekend’ is definitely the sound of the band with their own sound and not the sound of a band looking for a place with others. ‘Stop Time’ and ‘Bliss Out’ show off Hadouken's skill at the poppier end of the spectrum. With artists like Skrillex bothering the charts on a large scale, it is not hard to imagine Hadouken! making a sizeable dint in the radio playlists with these and to be honest a good few of the tunes on ‘Every Weekend'. ‘The Comedown’ is a tune that will undoubtedly be a favourite amongst fans. With summer not far off now, at least some tunes from this album will be on the unofficial festival soundtrack to many revellers and my money would be on this track. ‘Parasite’ sounds like Pendulum would do if they didn’t just do songs which started out really slowly then went into a Radio One friendly drum and bass-lite bit over and over. Hadouken have a strong Dubstep influence on this album. The sound is very modern, very loud and probably best experienced outside, in a car driving above the speed limit or of course in a live setting. If this is your thing, then I suggest ‘The Vortex’, and the Nero-meets-Labyrinth noise of ‘Levitate’. At one level a guitar band and at another a club act, Hadouken! have the ability to cross the genres at will, but do this without sacrificing anything as they do so.

Track Listing:-
1 The Vortex
2 Levitate
3 Bliss Out
4 As One
5 Parasite
6 Bad Signal
7 Stop Time
8 Spill Your Guts
9 The Comedown
10 Daylight (feat. Hadouken)

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