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Tunde Baiyewu - Diamond in a Rock

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 9 / 3 / 2013

Tunde Baiyewu - Diamond in a Rock
Label: Waking Dreams
Format: CD


Mature orchestral soul/pop on second solo album from ex-Lighthouse Family singer, Tunde Baiyewu

During my earlier unfortunate journey into marriage and fatherhood and the times after when all I knew was anguish and despondency, until the light was turned on in the guise of my current partner and wife, I had few places to go to find a bit of sanity and peace away from all the sickness that that time spawned. Most of the places were found inside one album or another, and one of those bands that created the place was the Lighthouse Family with their wonderful soul-searching pop/soul. They were one of those bands for me that I never explored deeper but loved the music. But I'm afraid to say I lost my Tunde. Tunde Baiyewu’s second solo album, ‘Diamond in a Rock’, offers a quality if slightly short 36 minutes worth of soul music. It has an eclectic maturity and some of lovely orchestratiosn interwoven with some good, wholesome pop tunes, the like you don't find today in this world of easily manufactured groups and same old, same old precocious "I'm the real thing" kak offered to us. Well, with this offering from Tunde there is no need to hurry and whack it on the car stereo because you've very little time for anything else. This is one to sit down to with a good bottle of wine and chill out with. The beauty about this is that it is clearly Tunde's stab at exploring the deeper parts of his secret memories. There is actually a diverse array of subjects brought to the fore in here. That coupled with Tunde's honesty and distinct smoothed-out vocals explain why. Highlights in here include the soft and warm reflective ‘Words in My Mouth’ and the title track 'Diamond in a Rock', which, while still retaining the world beating brilliance of the Lighthouse Family, has Tunde's own trademark stamped all over it. My personal favourite is the dreamy emotional 'Awake', which celebrates living life itself no matter what other people want you to be. Tunde Baiyewu was born in the UK to Nigerian parents, but following the death of his father, returned to Nigeria when he was four years old. Learning Yoruba and a new way of life from the harsh streets of London to the rural school at Etiki, his daily responsibility was collecting water to wash school-clothes. The lack of a father-figure saw Tunde become “withdrawn, introspective” and that pensiveness can still be felt in his writing today. “There’s a need for me to withdraw into my own space,” as he puts it. In his teens, his mother remarried to Olusegun Obasanjo, a household name and the head of the country’s military in Nigeria, who was eventually imprisoned and released sixteen years later only to be elected the new president. Tunde first started working on 'Diamond in a Rock' a few years ago with the Lighthouse Family. He had written a number of songs for the band’s new album, but couldn't work under the atmosphere that was there, and decided that he wanted to go his own way and say what he wanted to say without the restraints of others. Tunde walked away from the group. But thankfully, he decided he would travel in his mind and writing, and 'Diamond in a Rock' brings together a lifelong love of both African and Western rhythms and styles. This is a warm, sensible album from an artist that in my life at any rate was sadly missed. I've now got my Tunde back.

Track Listing:-
1 Move
2 Blissful In No Time
3 Diamond In A Rock
4 Effigy
5 Awake
6 Turn The Music On
7 Fear and Fortune
8 Words In My Mouth
9 The Answer
10 We're All In This Together

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