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Miniature Dinosaurs - Turn It On

  by Harry Sherriff

published: 11 / 10 / 2012

Miniature Dinosaurs - Turn It On
Label: Integrity Records
Format: CDS


Catchy and inventive oddball pop on latest EP from Scottish group, Miniature Dinosaurs

Miniature Dinosaurs are a four-piece from Stirling, Scotland signed to Integrity Records. 'Turn It On' is the latest EP by the band Tom Robinson describes as “outstanding oddball pop.” After the first listen I would have definitely argued with the outstanding part, but having given the EP numerous listens I can see their silly pop charm. Undeniably catchy melodies and some inventive guitar work on every track are hard to contend with. A good sign for the band and this latest release is that it is very difficult to pick a strongest song. The EP is consistently solid. 'Lemonade' is a bit juvenile for my taste and strikes me as a song by a band you would eventually grow out of, but still has a lot of merit and I can see why it’s a single as well as a fan favourite. 'Next of Kin' is anthemic, commercial and operatic in all the right ways. 'Lip Sync' carries on the serious side to Dinosaurs, but for the closer they resort back to their good natured silliness with a song based around a malfunctioning mobile phone, a style of song writing that will leave some listeners wanting more. Another gripe of mine is Barry Maclean’s vocals. They are definitely an acquired taste, and he belongs in that unfortunate bracket of singers who put on an unnatural singing voice and I can only assume accidentally sounds American. I got over this quickly and enjoyed the songs for what they are which is three-minute melodic gems. Other listeners wouldn’t be so forgiving. I was very sceptical after the first spin of this EP, but all the songs are earworms and I am a sucker for poppy guitar music. They are after all a band in their infancy. and are bound to develop sonically and let’s hope lyrically. Miniature Dinosaurs are a band with clear potential as recent Radio 1 airplay suggests. Here’s hoping they develop into a band that can hold a listener’s attention for an album. They have definitely achieved that with the 'Turn It' On EP.

Track Listing:-
1 Lemonade
2 Lip Sync
3 Next of Kin
4 Turn It On

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