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David Ward - The Arrival

  by Lisa Torem

published: 9 / 8 / 2012

David Ward - The Arrival
Label: David Ward
Format: CD


Imaginative and thought-provoking second solo album, split into three parts, from Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, David Ward

'The Arrival' is a three-part introspective recorded by David Ward, a theatre lover and promoter of indie music in Vancouver, British Columbia. A man of many interests, Ward also feels passion for experimental film. In 2006, on his debut 'Never Meant to Know', he toured in support of the album, undergoing a trip, which took him throughout Canada, and as far away as Japan only last year. When he is not touring or recording, he remains actively involved in live performance by fronting and playing guitar for the Phonix. His new CD 'The Arrival' is an original recording. It features Ward’s distinct guitar playing and rich R & B vocals, the latter, which frequently recall Stevie Wonder. His style is spirited and free, however when reaching for notes not within his range, he doesn’t deliver the lift he would if he utilized his pleasing chest voice instead. Still his feel for the music comes through brilliantly, and the transitions between parts are done very well. The overall mood compensates for any technical flaws. The theme is based on “the universal yearning for the elusive goal of an arrival.” And to achieve this goal, the musical voyage includes a section for Departure, Borders, then back to the aforementioned ‘Arrival'. Tension is defined by strong intermittent spurts of guitar; while a sense of calm is communicated by Ward’s poetic lyrics, dream like patterns, light rhythms and random ambient sounds. It is overall a beautiful and thought-provoking album, though whether tracks were meant to stand-alone warrants another discussion. Singular moments stand out such as when during the Borders section Ward announces, ”When nothing is for sure I shoulder all the pain/Well, it’s just how I feel”; when he shares the rapturous hook on ‘Sweet Girl’ and when he disassembles the confusion of romance, “We cut and paste, mixed and matched…we’ll plunge the depth and see how deep it goes.” The McCartney tune ‘Blackbird’ comes to mind when Ward finger picks the lovely melody of ‘The Deepest Blue’ and the closing song ‘Joy’ refreshes with its lively hook and great groove. It’s the kind of album that makes you wonder what comes next because Ward’s imagination seemingly knows no boundaries.

Track Listing:-
1 The Arrival
2 No More Troubles Under the Sun
3 Lost in Translation
4 Alice Blue
5 Feel This Way
6 The Deepest Blue
7 Sweet Girl
8 Boat People
9 Joy

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