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Derek Piotr - Airing

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 7 / 2012

Derek Piotr - Airing
Label: Bitsquare
Format: CD


Directionless, but sometimes compelling second album from American electronic experimental musician, Derek Piotr

Derek Piotr has mastered a neat balance with his second album 'Airing'. The line of the tracks evolves without any context, yet his music is a progressive experience. 'Airing' pairs incomprehensible mumbling with magnificent composing and, amidst this uneven mating ritual of music and words, an unexpected love child is born. Words merely serve like acoustic sounds to either support the rhythm or the melody. The speechless storytelling of tracks such as 'Sweite Marsz' offers priceless momentum. The nearly poetic drama on 'Clandestine Spread', after too many minutes of evocative boredom, comes as a saviour. Bereft of a sense of direction, the album includes way too many pointless moments like candles in a drizzle.

Track Listing:-
1 Colossus
2 Islets
3 Nineweek
4 Will Rise (Will Love)
5 Sweite marsz
6 Glass Broadcast
7 Insects
8 Guides
9 Marsz Zal
10 Deliver
11 Clandestine Spread
12 Sixmonth
13 Radimantra
14 Marsz ducha
15 Vehicle

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