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Bezoar - Wyt Death

  by Paul Waller

published: 10 / 7 / 2012

Bezoar - Wyt Death
Label: Bezoar
Format: CD


Inventive and brilliant stoner rock on debut album from epic-sounding New York-based band, Bezoar

This was an unexpected surprise and a refreshing one at that. After burning myself out on sludge and stoner metal this year along comes this gem of an album to keep the smouldering flames alight. This is a record that takes its cues from EYEHATEGOD and Weedeater but does so without the elitist cool that comes along as baggage when you delve into the genre head first. This is even more bizarre as it's a debut album from a band based in New York; hipster heaven. As well as the healthy dose of sludge that I love. that there is also a trippy and inventive element here that reminds me of Kylesa. So whilst they are not treading new ground they are coming from a new angle. Bezoar keep things simple. Simple and 70's if you take Sara Villard’s epic vocals into account. The playing is beyond competent - don’t get me wrong! - but the vibe is easy going and where the likes of Kylesa thrill with their technical abilities Bezoar chill with their restraint. The album kicks off with ‘Burn Everything’; a gentle guitar ballad with it's roots in early 70's folk rather than US stoner metal, but it isn't long before the riffs begin and the heavy rock beast is unleashed. A cacophony of sound ushers in ‘Vitamin B’, as reverb and pot smoke fill the air. It's great fun at ear busting volume, this is a record best listened to loudly. The two highlights on here that will keep you coming back for more are ‘Nikola’ which is another oddball acoustic ballad and the mammoth ‘We Are Not Alone’ which like Metallica's ‘One’ begins with 6 minutes of slowly paced atmospheric tunage before letting rip a speed shit storm and ending with a mega riff kiss chase where huge chunks of guitar intertwine with the bludgeon of the drum kit. Epic is not the word. It'll be interesting to see if the band make the leap to join the elite of the stoner brigade. I for one am relieved I got to hear this before I read any other reviews about them. Bring on album number two.

Track Listing:-
1 Burn Everything
2 Vitamin B
3 Life On A Cross
4 Are We Not Alone
5 Nikola
6 Friend Of My Enemy
7 Clocktower
8 Knight

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