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Heavy Blanket - Heavy Blanket

  by Paul Waller

published: 10 / 7 / 2012

Heavy Blanket - Heavy Blanket
Label: Outer Battery Records
Format: CD


Self-indulgent and unnecessary eponymous debut album from Heavy Blanket, the new instrumental project of Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis

When first coming across Heavy Blanket I heard that it was a J Mascis side project where he simply solos over instrumental Dinosaur Jr tunes. This was enough to sell it to me for I love Dinosaur, and my favourite part of their songs is the huge pounding guitar solos that punctuate the middle eights. How could I be on to a loser? As for the band themselves the press release tells us that the group is a three piece formed many years ago, but jail and Pearl Jam stopped them from ever releasing this colossal solo fest. More likely me thinks is that the multi-talented Mascis wrote and recorded this as a breather from his day job. Well, it's far from a stinker but what purpose this serves is anyone's guess. The description that I heard was pretty much spot on but when a solo starts two bars into an eight minute stomper such as ‘Spit in the Eye’ and only finishes as the track winds to a close I don’t want it followed with more of the same. Even with a two track 7" only the hardiest whacked out stoner would feel the benefit, perhaps though, that is the point. Still; even then they would get annoyed at having to flip the record over. So in short, the more drugs you take, the more joy you will receive from this record

Track Listing:-
1 Galloping Toward The Unknown
2 Spit In The Eye
3 Blockheads
4 Corpuscle Through Time
5 Dr. Marten's Blues
6 No Telling No Trails

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