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Joe Walsh - Analog Man

  by Lisa Torem

published: 27 / 6 / 2012

Joe Walsh - Analog Man
Label: Decca
Format: CD


Timeless and honest first solo album in twenty years for Eagles guitarist, Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh played lead guitar with the James Gang and several years later formed Barnstorm. Their second album, 'The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get' (1973). achieved critical acclaim. In 1975 he joined the Eagles, with Don Henley and Glenn Frey, and enjoyed the commercial success of 'Hotel California'. Between bands he took part in Ringo Starr’s All Starr Bband (Walsh is married to Marjorie Bach; sister of Ringo’s wife, Barbara.) In the 1980s, he battled alcohol addiction. The Midwest-born songwriter, vocalist and producer went back to the Eagles in 1994, when they supported 'Hell Freezes Over', and in 2007 the band began touring 'Long Road Out Of Eden'. Now, Joe Walsh has just released his brand new album 'Analog Man', produced by Jeff Lynne, and there are rumours circulating about an ambitious Eagles touring engagement. But if he did nothing more this year, Walsh should be very proud of this release. The album, in general, is a sublime work of art. It will touch anyone at any stage of life. The title song begins: “Welcome to Cyberspace. I’m in a fog.” He continues: “Some ten-year-old smart ass has to show me what to do…” Walsh vents plenty about how our social networking obsessions have impacted our lives, but he does so with deft wit and by using clear examples and tight arrangements. By the chorus, the baby boomer generation will reclaim its early addiction to vinyl, while the ten-year-olds stew. (“The whole world’s living in a digital dream. It’s not really there/It’s all on the screen.”) ‘Wrecking Ball’ also has strong lyrics: “You’re driving around like a crash test dummy…” Walsh uses everyday expressions in unusual contexts. And, on ‘Lucky That Way’, his country-flavoured story smacks of humility. ‘Spanish Dancer’ expresses the duality of the character. “She moves in the moonlight,” Walsh sings, yet her eyes send off misleading signals. A funky interlude separates verses; there’s lots of room for guitar. ‘Band Played On’ is one of the most brilliant arrangements. “Too many icebergs out in the ocean/Too many chances to sink like a stone.” With all the hoopla about the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic, this one couldn’t be more contemporary. There’s an exotic mix of instruments that juxtapose the sea shanty feel. Walsh is on a mission to count his blessings. The sentiments on the heartfelt ‘Family’ could not be more sincere. “I’ve been alone most of my life,” he tells us, before expressing how his life drastically changed. Walsh’s confessionals continue with ‘One Day At A Time’, on which he shares one of his most powerful vocals. The message may be one we’ve heard before, but the gratitude expressed could not be more personal. The last two songs, ‘Funk 50’ and ‘India’ serve as palettes for spectacular riffs and outstanding percussion. Don’t make the mistake of thinking 'Analog Man' takes us back to the Stone Age, because it waxes poetic about vinyl. In fact, every theme here elevates us, makes us count our blessings and encourages us to shed our old, unusable skins. 'Analog Man' is timeless, honest and jam packed with excellent riffs.

Track Listing:-
1 Analog Man
2 Wrecking Ball
3 Lucky That Way
4 Spanish Dancer
5 Band Played On
6 Family
7 One Day At A Time
8 Hi-Roller Baby
9 Funk 50
10 India

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Interview (2012)
Joe Walsh - Interview
Before performing at Naperville's Rib Fest, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh talks with Lisa Torem about 'Analog Man', his first solo album in over twenty years

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