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Tanlines - Mixed Emotions

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 4 / 2012

Tanlines - Mixed Emotions
Label: True Panther Sounds
Format: CD


Eager-to-please, but mixed quality early 1980's synth pop on debut album from New York-based duo, Tanlines

Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm are Tanlines, who are from Brooklyn with a keen ear for early 1980's synth pop music. It is, however, of a very mixed quality here. Tanlines hustle up bass and melody lines which we sooner or later tried to forget about. The 1980's sound provides a tarnish, and after repeated listens a few songs still stand out while others became easy to forget. Perhaps it's the persistent bass line going on on 'Abby'. Perhaps this paves the way for many more excuses to copycat Thompson Twins, New Order etc etc. Instead of the exalted pub attitude of the original Britons, Tanlines have this typical slow American whine. Tanlines' vocals would probably sound like a total mystery to someone who doesn't understand a single word in English. 'Yes Way' could be the cry for help from a dazy cow caught in the ditch next to a field. 'Not The Same' looks towards a major record label deal, yet the samey sound soon reached the point of despair to me. Still, I can't help thinking Tanlines excel in eagerness to please. Tanlines may become the latest pop darlings and could go far. 'Cactus' is by far the most urgent and vibrant track on this otherwise dull excursion. Tanlines could have saved themselves the effort and simply released these latter two tracks as a single record. It would have saved all of us much time and trouble. Nondescript and mumbling new wave memorabilia, with a bit of flow though.

Track Listing:-
1 Brothers
2 All of Me
3 Green Grass
4 Abby
5 Yes Way
6 Not the Same
7 Lost Somewhere
8 Real Life
9 Rain Delay
10 Cactus
11 Nonesuch

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