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Incredible String Band - The Lost Broadcasts

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 17 / 3 / 2012

Incredible String Band - The Lost Broadcasts
Label: Gonzo Multimedia
Format: DVD


Excellent new DVD film, part of The Lost Broadcasts series, of the Incredible String Band, which shows them performing in 1970 on a German television show

Absolutely fascinating. Although just three songs and a short interview this DVD, part of 'The Lost Broadcasts' series, is a welcome addition not just to any Incredible String Band fan’s collection but to anyone interested in the psychedelic folk movement of the sixties. With the ISB back catalogue finally getting the attention it deserved a couple of years back with the Fledg’ling remasters, apart from a concert by a reformed ISB and the excellent ‘Be Glad For the Song Has No Ending’, fans have not been well served on the DVD front. These performances were taken from 'Beat Club', a German TV show, in September 1970 and, therefore, features what proved to be the line-up that played on the band's most successful albums. Strangely two of the songs chosen were actually pulled from their first album and by the time of this broadcast original member Clive Palmer had left ISB. So what we have here is Robin Williamson and Mike Heron joined by Licorice McKechnie and Rose Simpson performing ‘Irish Jigs’ along with ‘Empty Pocket Blues’ and ‘Everything’s Fine Right Now’ from that debut album albeit in reworked versions; dare one say in lesser folk stylings than the original versions. Filmed in what appears to be an empty studio, the picture and sound quality of these three songs is more than acceptable given that they are now some forty years old. It’s actually a joy to watch the band perform. For some reason all concerned are full of smiles, so much so that one wonders if one of the reasons is that the band can’t believe their luck that their take on psychedelic folk has reached such a wide audience that they are given this slot on a major music programme. While by the time of this broadcast ISB were at the peak of their success, the very nature of the music they made ensured that they were and will always remain a cult band. The short interview section is marred by the German interpreter talking over both the questions put to him and Mike Heron’s answers. The interview is interspersed with short clips of concert and promo performances that again are fascinating which more than makes up for this though. It appears that only one of these performances, ‘Everything’s Fine Right Now’, was eventually shown on TV, so even those ISB fans living in Germany at the time finally get the opportunity to see the whole recorded show. While it’s doubtful that even the most diehard ISB fan will actually sit and watch the performances more than a few times (although they do stand up to repeated viewing) listening to the songs without watching the visuals will prove to be the way most fans will enjoy this short disc. To hear these songs forty years down the line from when they were originally recorded, and reworked as they are throws a different light on them. Full marks to Gonzo Multimedia for issuing these rare performances. While maybe not gaining ISB any new fans it satisfies a gap in any ISB devotee’s collection more than satisfactorily.

Track Listing:-
1 Irish Jigs
2 Empty Pocket Blues
3 Everything is Fine Now
4 Interview

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