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Peter Lacey - We are the Sand

  by Andy Cassidy

published: 28 / 1 / 2012

Peter Lacey - We are the Sand
Label: Pink Hedgehog
Format: CD


Fabulous eighth album from British singer-songwriter Peter Lacey, which finds him returning to his first love of Beach Boys/Brian Wilson inspired harmonic pop

'We are the Sand' is Peter Lacey’s eighth album, and his seventh on the Pink Hedgehog label. In the twelve years since his debut album 'Beam!' was released, Lacey’s sound has gone through numerous changes before returning to his first love of the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson sound. On 'We are the Sand', Lacey collaborates with David Beard (editor of the Beach Boys’ fanzine 'Endless Summer Quarterly') and is reunited with Beach Boys lyricist Stephen Kalinich. Opening track 'We are the Sand' begins with radio chatter, and reminded me of Sprit’s 'Future Games'. The chatter gives way to a piece with an upbeat tempo and an eminently hummable melody. Lacey’s vocals, while not as sweet as the Beach Boys themselves, are excellent, and the arrangement of the track is superb from the lead keyboard through the harmonica solo and the lush block harmonies. 'We are the Sand' blends into second track 'Drinkin’ in the Sunshine', another up tempo piece which benefits from a great vocal arrangement. This track could happily sit alongside some of the Beach Boys’ post-'Friends' albums – listening to the track immediately made me think of 1970’s 'Sunflower'. I particularly loved the fake radio intros dotted throughout the album – they is a real element of humour and fun to the recording. 'She’s a Rainbow' is a beautifully understated ballad and flows naturally into 'Come What May', itself sounding like a hitherto unheard Paul Simon track, while penultimate track 'Naomi’s Song' is a pared down ballad of striking beauty. There are countless Beach Boys sound-alikes out there, but there is something to Peter Lacey’s music which sets him apart from other artists. Unlike some groups, the Explorers’ Club for instance, Peter Lacey is not content follow the sound-alike path. Certainly one can hear evidence of the Beach Boys’ influences in Lacey’s recording, but his work builds upon these influences rather than simply mimicking them. I confess, I had some misgivings about this album prior to hearing it, after all, it seems improbable that the sun-soaked California vibe would be forthcoming from an artist in the UK. With this album, however, Peter Lacey has managed to create a slice of endless summer and the perfect tonic to the cruel British winter. I am very excited to hear what path Peter Lacey’s recordings will follow next.

Track Listing:-
1 We Are The Sand
2 Drinkin' In The Sunshine (Notes From Cornwall, Part 1)
3 There's A Feeling
4 Part Of The Rock
5 She's A Rainbow
6 Come What May
7 A Pool Of Thought
8 Why?
9 Full Circle
10 Time, Less Reason
11 An Open Heart (Notes From Cornwall, Part 2)
12 Naomi's Song
13 Call It A Day

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