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Kings of Leon - Talihina Sky - The Story of the Kings of Leon

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 10 / 12 / 2011

Kings of Leon - Talihina Sky - The Story of the Kings of Leon
Label: Revolver Entertainment
Format: CD


Essential DVD documentary about stadium act Kings of Leon, which intersperses footage of a gathering of their Pentecostal family with that of their remarkable rise to supergroup status

This is a very honest, open and informative film giving a deep insight into the band the Kings of Leon, the very successful and talented three brothers and one cousin act from a deeply religious Pentecostal family, whose father was a preacher until he got divorced and fell from grace by hitting the bottle. The brothers, Anthony, Michael and Ivan Followill, first started their singing career singing hymns in the various churches and services that their father would preach in, They spent most of their formative years travelling around in a camper van with their father so that he could visit his various parishes. Their cousin Cameron joined the band in its early stages. The film revolves around an annual gathering of the Followill family in Talihana and all its cousins and relatives. The setting is the elder’s family home and plot of land which is an age old backwater. This goes on for some days and finds all the relatives drinking, eating and partying with each other. This is interspersed with footage of the band from their very beginnings to the superband they are now. Other interactions with their various family and related members are also included, and this gives you a very good overall picture of how things go in the Kings' world. All aspects of the Kings' musical career are touched on from the start to where they are now. It is a fascinating account of how a few kids from the south in a very poor family made it in the world of rock and roll. It looks at and questions their beliefs as a band who because of their religious upbringing are playing ‘the devil's music’. They, however, got a get out of jail free card as their parent’s divorce and father's subsequent alcoholism seemed to let them do what they do without too much angst. There are a couple of references to drug taking, but nothing too hard and which wouldn’t stop anyone watching or make them turn off the TV. In fact you see and hear more on daytime TV. Its am informative film which constantly reveals something else and keeps you watching. It is a true rags-to-riches tale as the family gathering reveals what a poor background they come from– think ‘The Waltons’ on a big but poor scale. Whether you are a kings of Leon film or not, this film makes great viewing.

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