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Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick

  by Andy Cassidy

published: 12 / 11 / 2011

Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick
Label: A Records
Format: CD


Pretentious and overlong first album from death-obsessed Icelandic trio, Dead Skeletons

According to the press release, Dead Magick is, “a symphonic work; it must be experienced end-to-end…in order to fully appreciate its profundity.” Substitute “pretentious” for “symphonic” and “absurdity” for “profundity” and you’ll have a more accurate grasp of what this album is all about. Dead Skeletons, an Icelandic trio who like to be referred to as “Sonic Warlocks”, have created a seventy-two minute meditation on death, which will no doubt sell in vast numbers to young men who live with their parents and paint their bedrooms black. Apparently, 'Dead Magick', their first album, is “a vibrant collection of mystical meanderings through space, time and all that is.” No shortage of subject matter there, then. Musically, the album isn’t all that bad. It’s primarily guitar driven heavy rock, with reasonably well-layered textures and a pulsating rhythm section. Over this edgy, industrial atmosphere are vocals of varying clarity and quality repeating, or chanting, phrases connected with – you guessed it – death. Of course, my limited understanding of the work of the Sonic Warlocks deprives me of the necessary insight to be able to advise you that, through their chanting, “Dead Skeletons rephrase primordial wisdom in a manner accessible to all.” Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up. I think that I can honestly say that it is the worst album that I have ever had the misfortune to hear. It is pompous, pretentious, idiotic, absurd, repetitive, and overlong. It doesn’t even have the benefit of falling into the “so bad it’s good” category like, for instance, William Shatner’s 'The Transformed Man'. I cannot state this clearly enough: do not waste your time or money on this album - it is of no interest to anyone who has an interest in good music.

Track Listing:-
1 Dead Mantra
2 Om Mani Peme Hung
3 Kingdom Of God
4 Psychodead
5 Get On The Train
6 Dead Magick I
7 Ask Seek Knock
8 Ljósberinn
9 Live!/lifðu!
10 When The Sun Comes Up
11 Yama
12 Dead Magick II

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Visitor Comments:-
506 Posted By: PURE LOVE, LONDON on 23 Nov 2011
503 Posted By: Denise , California, USA on 23 Nov 2011
I must totally disagree with the review I just read. And on many levels. First off, I am female, older than most of your readers and have a widely eclectic taste in music. Also, I have an 18 year old son whom I do not keep in the basement. We have both been anxiously anticipating the arrival of this first endeavor by the Dead Skeletons based solely, at first, on the Dead Mantra. The CD exceeds all expectations. It is not pretentious. It is just good music. Well thought out and executed. Maybe the reviewer is uncomfortable with 'the theme'. Well, guess what buddy - it's gonna come around for all of us - so get on board! Maybe it might be difficult for the reviewer to digest - especially if they've been exposed to only and/or mostly mainstream crap. At my house, we call that 'drinking the KoolAid'. So, I say, Spin it again! Turn it up! And Enjoy Life!
502 Posted By: d, Newyork on 22 Nov 2011
this shit is awesome don't listen to this pompous shit bag total sprawling pysc with an industrial feel..straight from Iceland, good good stuff def recommend for anyone who truly enjoys music!

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