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Tigerstyle ft. Rani Randeep - Bull and Gate, London, 21/9/2011

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 3 / 10 / 2011

Tigerstyle ft. Rani Randeep  - Bull and Gate, London, 21/9/2011


In a show to promote both their second album 'He Who Saw the Deep' and their own brand of tea, Anthony Strutt finds Leeds-based post rockers I Like Trains to be on fiery form at a show at the Bull and Gate in London

The Bull and Gate is the pub that sits next to the Forum, the former Town and Country Club, and other than the Borderline my personal favourite venue. The last time I was here was to interview and see an early gig by the Butterflies of Love, I Like Trains have in recent years become one of my favourite bands. Tonight’s gig is in honour of Club Fandango. Club Fandango is run by the Fierce Panda label and it is holding a week's worth of shows here to celebrate its tenth anniversary. They also put on the first shows in London from I Like Trains, who hail from Leeds. The band are selling their own merchandise, including ILT, their own infusion of tea. It is expensive at £5 for 100 grams but it is the nicest tea that I have ever tasted. Tonight’s set hails mostly from their second album, ‘He Who Saw the Deep’, which I Like Trains raised the funding for through PledgeMusic. They open up with ‘A Father's Son’ from it. I Like Trains sound gloriously moody and dark and as fresh as ‘Faith’-era the Cure. The venue is rather full but everyone is very polite, respecting the band by not talking over their set and there is no pushing unlike the last time I saw them. The second song is ‘Progress is a Snake’, which starts with big drums while the guitars shimmer gently like the best side of the Chameleons. Dave Martin’s vocal is gravelly and sounds a lot like Tom Smith from Editors. ‘We Saw the Deep ‘is jangly, deep and dark and a song to wrap you up in your thoughts, ‘Voice of Reason’ is an oldie with deep bass lines that cut through the air, devilish slow drums and a slow vocal by bearded Dave whom tells us later this is his first gig since he became a dad. ‘Terra Nova’ floors us all every time. It is a brilliant journey of a song that all bands should take notice of, but which few do. ‘Hope is Not Enough’ is a slow number, but new 10” single ‘Sirens’ in contrast has massive guitar and drums. It sounds a little like Editors, but is so far ahead of them. ‘A Rook House for Bobby’ is another early single and a classic number, which again takes you on a journey. ‘These Feet of Clay’ is bass heavy and doom-laden, and ‘Sea of Regrets’ closes the main set. Dave announces it as their closest number to Snow Patrol, and it is brilliantly played and elegant. They return after an extended loop of the last track, saying they weren't sure if they could play more and deliver, ‘I’m Murdered’, one of their last singles from when they were on Beggar’s Banquet and before they set up their own I Like Trains label. It is haunting, dark and glorious in the way that I Like Trains only can do. A wonderful band whom I adore as much as their tea

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Tigerstyle ft. Rani Randeep  - Bull and Gate, London, 21/9/2011

Tigerstyle ft. Rani Randeep  - Bull and Gate, London, 21/9/2011

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